Because I can

I am writing this because I have a few minutes and I am at the
Internet shop so I can actually send it out. Just a little info on
the happenings here. Looks like Gods new job for Phimpha is not going
to be easy but he is holding her up so she is moving forward. Many
nights home after 9 pm then off again the next day. For some reason
(God power) she has been working more but is less tired. Her closing
eyelids have stoped closing so that means she is getting enough rest
when she does rest. That is a good thing as I was thinking she was
going down any day. It looks like the Ministry is going to divide into
two parts. One being the children and the home base and the other the
work God wants her to do now. As near as she can figure right now He
wants her to bring the people at the churches back together then the
churches together and to go out to the local communities and start
showing the love of Christ to anyone in need. That will mean many
things, but one I see is there will be more kids coming, because that
is the nature of the work. So the dorm will fill quickly. She is going
to be praying and fasting this Thursday thru Friday looking for
confirmation from Him on what she has been getting so far. Then next
month she will pray with her committee for a couple of days and
compare the results to come up with the next step. She is not sitting
still in the mean time. She is speaking to many and we are out
encouraging her team to get them on the road back to Christ. The
woman’s group was around 400 but is down to less than 200 now. She
knows how to encourage people and bring them back to Christ. She knows
how to be a servant to the community, the poor, the oppressed. She
fears no one with God behind her. She one time spoke to the leader of
the Army in the whole northern region. He asked her when she seen him.
“Aren’t you afraid to talk to me. I am high in rank and many fear me.”
She said she was not afraid. He was shocked. Put down his phone and
asked, “What do you want from me.” She told him to protect the
children she was working with and have his solders watch out for them.
He has done that and more. He said many people want to meet with him
and try hard to make an appointment. He said I don’t know why I let
you come see me on the drop of a hat. She just smiles because she
knows why. If you are in His will you can do anything. But you have to
go out first. Do not contemplate what must be done first, or make big
plans, just go and he will make it happen. That is faith. We see it
first hand everyday.
Ok she just called and I am the chauffeur so gotta go.

God Bless to all and keep the prayers coming.