Spare time?

Really!! we have a little extra time so I will write a little
again. We are waiting for the truck to get fixed, then we are off to
the Burma border for a few days, for many things that we need to do
there. Phimpha’s schedule is filling up so we are going while we have
a few days free before the chaos gets worse. It has been raining here
a lot as September is the worst month. Pushed the motor bike through
knee deep water going to church yesterday. It is now getting fixed too
by the neighbor kid. Lots of flooding around Thailand. I hope we can
get to where we want to go without having to swim in the dirty waters.
We are badly in need of another vechile. We are making two trips now
to church to get everyone there. Some people are coming from a near by
village with us so it is a good problem to have just no solution yet.
Also when we go out like today we leave 20 or so at home with just a
motorcycle to get around. Not good, but what to do? We were going to
get a rental car but nothing available at the place we have rented
from before. Pray about that for us. God knows what we need and he
put Phimpha in this new job so her needs to be responsible.
The forest people dug a ditch around the village to stop the
elephants from coming in to eat all the people’s fields and gardens
but it did not work. They cross and get around it. Slows them down but
when they are hungry they come.
I had a lot to say but the guy next to me is smoking non stop so I
will catch you all later.


Rodney and Phimpha out and about