Prayers Please!

Phimpha asked me to send out prayer requests. She is feeling
burdened and needs other to join with us in Prayer for the things we
think we need to do His work here. Sometimes we pray and get answers
quick, other times not quick but they come, other times they do not
come so I guess those are the ones He figures we can do with out.
We have been doing a lot of traveling so another vehicle would be
real nice. We have a neighbor taking some of the kids to school and
the rest take the bus, but it is costly to do When Phimpha and I go
out we visit many places so it is almost imposable to get much done
with public transportation. We are connecting with a lot of Churches
and most of them are in need of help. We use our tithe money to give
to the servants of God we meet who do not have enough support. Some
days it is like the poor helping the poor. We have been getting in
some donation as of late and I wish I could say we are doing great but
more coming in just means more going out.
We now have 4 staff and that is enough for now. Maybe one too
many but we will wait to see how it works out. The young girl Som who
went to do factory work returned to us. She still needs schooling
along with working with us but she is doing good on both. Then we have
Dawn from the attempted rape case who now works with us. And then we
have the older couple from church who are managing the place. He does
maintenance so that is a blessing. So far they have been doing a great
job. They were looking real tired at first and we were worried they
would leave but now with some extra help they are looking better. He
is working on the new dorm while I am out with Phimpha on other
ministry work. The ministry is defiantly expanding fast and we are
praying God keeps us supplied without the extra stress of not having
enough day to day. The salary for just the staff comes to 28,500.00 a
month. That is less than a thousand dollars a month 4 four workers
full time. They do not always get paid and when they do they end up
using most on the daily needs of the kids. They have the right heart
to work with us. At least the two older ones. If people come to us
looking for just a job they do not last long. It is 24/7 work. Same as
parenting with a lot of extra work thrown in on the side. We and them
have no day off. We try to give them some breaks now and then but it
is not much. Many say they like working with kids till they come to
us. Then most run after a few days or weeks. When they see what we do
and the outside ministry besides they think we are nuts. Maybe just a
little crazy for God.
We would like to get some instruments at home for our kids to
practice with. (Timothy House Band) I am amazed at how good they sound
during services at our church. They have only been at it a few months
but kids pick things up quick. Unlike old Dad here who struggles with
just the language.
The twins are learing Thai quick but with me gone so much their
English is lacking. We have a young volunteer coming maybe in Nov so I
am hoping she can help me with that. They speak to me in Thai, I
answer what I understand in English and they answer me back in Thai.
Can not get them to use the English yet but they understand a lot of
it. They are teaching me Thai now.
Pray for direction for the Women’s Ministry . Phimpha has been
praying and God tells her he will do something new with the group but
has not told her what that is yet. The committee is meeting the 7 and
8th of next month for Prayer and fasting to know his will. The old
committee had ways of raising funds for the group that Phimpha does
not agree with so also pray for financial help for that part of the
work. We have to separate the two ministries as soon as possible. God
knows the needs but when it is coming only He knows. Seems to me He is
late a lot but I can not argue with God. I do get frustrated with Him
but he doesn’t listen much to my whimpering. Must sound like a little
kid to Him.
I do truly Thank those who have been giving to us. Some we know
about and others we do not. The money just comes, Thank God!! Many
have been giving a lot and we thank them for their trust in us and His
ministry here. Our main purpose is still the same. Save souls for
Christ by helping them. It really works. We have been doing a lot of
revival lately as well. Bringing those who are disheartened with God
back to Him. Hoping our children will grow to continue the work. OK
this is getting real long and I must go pick up the boss so keep us in
Prayer and I’ll catch ya all later.

Blessings To All
Phimpha and Rodney and the rest of the team/kids.