Can you get used to? Wet toilet seat?

Just one of the things ya get used to here. Most bathroom do not have toilet paper so one must use a sprayer to clean off. I actually like it better now that I have gotten used to it. PS. If you have boys and the water on the seat is yellow. Wash the seat off with sprayer first then sit down.

Being cold at 70. Maybe my age has something to do with that. I am used to the humidity for the most part. I remember stepping out of the airport for the first time thinking, man it is humid here. I could never live here. God is still laughing about that one.

Ants on your plate, in your food, bed,biting your feet, living under your mattress, a colony of them, a colony in your shoes overnight. There are ants here that I call homeless. They just congregate in a dry dark place and carry their eggs with them where ever they go. I always pond out my shoes in the morning. Had many frogs and toads and ants and scorpions. Put my welding gloves on the other day and forgot to pound them out. I felt something in one of the finger holes and quickly withdrew. After some prying and coxing a five inch centipede crawled out. They are the biting kind that Thai’s are afraid of. I have learned to respect anything the kids are afraid of. They know because they play with bugs all the time. Now is the big beetle time of year. They are about two inches long and bigger than my thumb. The kids catch them and keep them as pets. Making them fight each other and feeding them fruit.They do pinch but not hard enough to stop them from playing with them.

One night a while back a jakajohn few into the room at night. Lot and Green and Ahm started playing with it. It makes a very loud noise when you touch it or pick it up. They are harmless but very loud and vibrate, so if you grab one for the first time you immediately drop it when it screeches. They have played with them before but this time they were pretending to be afraid of it. They chased that thing around laughing and running for half an hour. It flew out many times but kept coming back for more abuse. Finally Lot ran over and just smacked it on the floor with his hand and that was the end.

Bugs crawling on you. Sometimes I just keep working and wait for them to fly off. If they don’t fly after a while I will brush off whatever it is because then it is probably an ant and will bite you.

Geko’s on the ceiling pooping in your food plate below or on you. One landed in my soup. I fished it out and kept eating. Hey! I was hungry.

The slow pace here is a good thing to get used to but many times frustrating for me. Being the chauffeur and an American I want to get going. Elephants in the yard, snakes anywhere any time. Our worker (Anunn) was cutting grass the other day and came across a snake he came across and tied up to show us when we came home. I would never have approached it. It was over ten feet long and was bigger around then my thigh. A very large Python. They make a very loud hissing noise when riled up. He somehow got it into a sack and dropped it deep in the forest. Sorry it was gone before I got a picture.

There are a lot of things one gets used to here that I never thought I would have to in my lifetime.

Spicy food! I now seek out some chilies or the food tastes flat. I Thank God most every night for a soft mattress and real pillow and a roof above that does not leak. A mosquito net is a real plus too. Spent last night on the floor of the church. Lots of mosquitoes.

I won’t even get into the driving. Lets just say it keeps the heart pumping.

Living in Thailand has been a huge blessing for me as well as hurt (from missing family). If you ever get the chance to spend a lot of time in a foreign country try to do it like the natives do, not the tourist, and you will go away with a changed life.

Side note: Our Youth camp this week from 12-17. Keep it in your prayers. Like our schedule wasn’t busy enough.

Blessings to all Rodney and Phimpha