In my last update I thought the flooding would let up, but boy was I wrong. I hear the river in Bangkok is rising higher and higher. It is not raining around us but not so up north. The problem is the dams up stream were ordered to hold their water to slow the flooding below them. But then the rains increased and now the dams are way above capacity so they must release a lot of water to compensate for the runoff still entering the reservoirs, so the river is now flooding worse than if they would have not held the water in the first place. At least that is my explanation of what I think is going on. Man messing with Gods design again. Many are under water and many factories closed. The people in the flooded area’s can not get food
because the trucks can not get into town to deliver in the usual places. Many are evacuating to dry ground. The markets near us are OK because we are in a farming community but many of the stores way out of Bangkok can not get resupplied. Their shelves are mostly empty.

With factories flooded no product is going out and not roads to deliver on even if there was product. It is a real mess. I am sure it will close many businesses. Most of the Government offices in the country are closed, and the workers ordered to help with food and sand bagging. All we can do is Pray. We had ordered food for some people in the flooded area but they called before we got it, to say they had to evacuate. The army and police and government workers are evacuating many as the water is expected to rise further. We at Timothy house have food in the area, but little money to buy it and the people in Bangkok have little money and nothing to buy. As usual when people are suffering they band together and help each other where they can. We are not directly involved with the relief efforts due to being 3 hours away. Many of the major freeways are now closed as well. The airport is still open and accessible.

I have heard that it is possible to transfer sky miles from one person to another. I did not know that. So Being we have not received anything yet for a trip home for Phimpha and I, I was hoping maybe some of you have some sky miles laying around that you would be willing to send to my Delta skymiles number. Rodney Wojciechowski
SkyMiles #2686517380

Two years ago when we came home I had saved enough miles for Phimpha and I to fly round trip from Seattle to MN. We only had to get to Seattle from Thailand so it saved us a lot then. I am not sure how many miles it is from Thailand to MN but if we do enough that would be great. I currently have 21,280 miles that I can use for Delta or its partner airlines.

I want to throw this out to you all, as most of you receiving this are the one’s who donate to us.When you all send donations to His ministry here we take out 10 percent for tithe and give some to our church and the rest to the servants of God we know. Those servants we personally know who work a lot but do not get anything for salary or very little. Gods servants here are usually the poorest of poor that we see around us. Most would be far better off with a steady job, but then they would not be Gods servants would they. They like us have to make the choice every day to serve him and not look to comforts of the world. We help where we can and when we can to encourage them to continue His work for the kingdom. Many times it is lonely for them. Because Phimpha and I are also servants and not paid a salary I would like to ask permission from all of you to use some of our tithe money to save up for a ticket home for Phimpha and I. We would not keep all the tithe every month just some. It will take a long time to get enough to get home but eventually we would get there. I have no income of any kind and neither does Phimpha. No savings to tap or retirement of any kind to draw out, so we are hoping this is agreeable with those who donate to us here. If you do not think this is OK with God let us
know. We have prayed about it and feel it is OK to do.

We have 4 people coming next month to volunteer with us for a while. I pray the airport remains open and we do not need to use a boat to pick them up. Two from Australia and two from America. The kids are excited, as always to get volunteers coming to stay a while. They really get excited when it is someone who was here before. If you have never donated your time pleas volunteer for something. Your time to someone in need means so much more than you can imagine. It makes them feel like they have some self worth. You both will remember it always. I have a lot more I could tell you all but then these updates get to long. I wish there was a way to relay all that happens here in just one day. Most days it would be a small book in itself.

Blessings To All
Rodney and Phimpha and the kids.