God said, “No Way”

Getting tired of these updates?
The day after I sent out my last update about using tithe money
to pay for a ticket home to MN for Phimpha and I, the Spirit woke me
at 4 am and said no go with that scheme of mine. Basically he said I
can not use tithe money for myself and still call it tithe. He quickly
brought to mind Mathew 15 where Jesus is asking the Pharisees about
using money for mom and dad and calling it money for God. (Corban.) So
we will have to wait for another way to get home. It is a good lesson
for me when I think I am in Gods will but really not listening and
testing it against the Bible standards. If we want to take a little
every month and call it salary that is OK but not tithe. I am
surprised nobody called me on that. It is OK to let Christians know
they are not following Gods road. Keeps us on the straight and narrow.
My friend Jim called last night and said Delta has suspended
flights to Bangkok till the 14th or so because of the flooding. If you
were planning to come see us then you will have to wait. Actually we
do have a volunteer coming in on the 16th. We are praying she makes
the deadline. She probably leaves from the states on the 14th. The
waters are still high around the city and most of Bangkok is or will
be underwater. They say the airport will be OK just hard to get to.
Perhaps building on a river delta was not a good idea.
Anyway I will keep this short. I just felt I had to let you all
know. Not often I here the Spirit clearly.

Blessings to all.
Rodney and Phimpha