Nothing and Everything

Don’t know how else to say it. Daily Life maybe.

We were supposed to take a break this week. At least that is what Phimpha said was going to happen last week. Well after Thursday we kind of had a break. I worked on the building taping the sheet rock. Man am I slow. But, keep plug away where and when I can. Our help, Anun, hurt his wrist and now has no strength in it. I think he may have torn a muscle or tore a tendon.We will get him to the hospital as soon as we get enough to pay for the doc. He was lifting Sonuk. The man who lives with us and had the back operations. Sonuk can not walk and has to be carried to the bathroom and bathed etc.. Sonuk is now in the hospital for a month where they will try to get him motivated to walk. Anyway with Anun out of action for a while, the kids dorm is on hold unless I’m around. Got one room done (as far as I can without a door frame)and working on another.

The rains have let up some. It is definitely drying out now. We should be into the dry season now. The air feels different, a little less humid maybe but hotter. Still rain around but not the quantities we had been getting. A lot of people’s homes were under water and I am sure many still are but I think the worst is over. At least that is my opinion. One good thing about the houses here is most do not have any insulation or sheet rock to get destroyed by the flooding. They are
mostly cement, block, or wood. When the water goes down they dry out and are still OK. Mind you it is a mess but at least they do not have to tear out and replace interior walls like in the cold weather climates.

The kid youth camp went real good. Thirty kids, five days long. She gave them a diploma at the end. It was a camp to teach them how to be polite to others with the Bible as the example. They all had a good time. They met today after church to start planning for the Christmas party. Not sure what is up, but knowing Phimpha it will be good and involve anyone around who wants to come.

Our family has shrink a lot a couple of weeks ago. The lady from the rape case who had been staying with us the last 8 months moved back home taking the 4 kids with her. Then Jom, one of our kids that has been with us 3 years moved back down south. Him and his sister had been with us because their Mom traveled with her new husband from job to job. She now has a place to stay and a job cooking so he went back to his mother, but his sister (June) is still with us. Her mother said she can not control her and she minds better for us, so she will stay here. It is sad to see him go, but he will be back on school vacations. He came as a small chubby kid and is leaving as a tall slender young man. I think he grew a foot and a half when he was with us. Children are always better with their real parents, if the parents are good. We raise and care for the ones God send us then if it is time for them to go we let go.

Sorry gotta run, got kids waiting for me.

Blessings to All
Rodney and Phimpha and a smaller gang.