Prayers and Thanks!

Hi Everyone

I just feel like I need to Thank all of you that keep us in
Prayer and also to those who support us financially. Being out here in
the front lines we get a lot of publicity for what we do but we are
just the tool. Without everyone that Pray’s and supports us we are
dead in the water, so to speak. Without God!! we can do nothing.
Without Prayers for protection, I know we would both be dead by now
because of the many threats over the years. With out donations we can
do little to help those that He sends to us. We feel like we struggle
a lot, but we are still here doing what we can for God. If you support
us through prayer or donations you are a part of His Ministry. Many
like to give us the glory for what we do but you are the ones who
help to plant the seeds and bring them to Christ. God does not credit
it to us. The credit is given, by God, to the many people working
together that make this ministry happen. You all work behind the
scenes to hold us up. Because you answer his calling in your hearts
there are many being saved. It seems that wherever Phimpha goes out
and speaks people and church members are getting hope and
encouragement and turning to God. We know it is because of the power
of the Holy Spirit touching them. It is amazing how many are being
affected by His ministry and it is credited to you all for His
kingdom. At the same time the persecution we are facing from others
has been on the increase, so we know satan is not happy with us. He is
doing everything in his power to side track us and wear us down. He
has attacked us personally and is also attacking our children’s home
any way he can. He wants it to fail and for us to run away. He is a
looser and though we are tired we know we are in His will, so we
continue the fight.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.
Rodney and Phimpha

Rodney & Phimpha