Funny Story

Hi All

Phimpha told me the other day she worries that when she writes
that people will think she is not happy with all the work. She said
she is so glad to be doing Gods work. Nothing better in the world. She
tries to tell all that is going on and tries to encourage others by
the miracles he works for us every day. Some times I want to write but
I am afraid I have been preaching to much lately.
We have been having a lot of fun with the elephants lately. It
has been very dry and they are hungry. The sugarcane harvest is in
full swing and trucks loose a lot of cane on the roads so we have been
collecting it and feeding them in our front yard. With the full moon
it has been fun sitting out watching them eat. Last night there was an
old tire laying near by and the elephant was throwing it around and
playing with it a long time. Ended up carrying it off, so when he
walked away Phimpha and Anun went down the drive way looking for the
tire. Jannelle and I were just sitting watching and all of a sudden
they came running and laughing with the elephant chasing after them.
Then he turned and went into the forest. He was just bluffing but it
got their attention. Matbe we should start selling tickets.
Hey we could really use a good construction team or a few good
men if anyone has it in their hearts to help out. Just get a ticket
and we can put you up on the floor or maybe even a bed if your quick.
Really need some help with sheetrock or a bathroom or maybe even a
kitchen area. God is pushing us and says he is sending us a team to
work with for the next Ministry he seems to be calling us too. Yea,
like we don’t have enough already. He must know something we do not.
He is like that.

Rodney and Phimpha