From Phimpha’s Heart

Hi to All from Phimpha

Hard to count God’s blessings. 10 years have passed and I am so
amazed when I look back. How we can pass all kind of ploblems and
still alive. The Holy Spirit encourages me all the time, “Don’t give
up keep moving forward.” His word speaks to me,”I WILL BE WITH YOU” is
so strong when I almost give up. This happens a hundred times a day. I
return every time when he calls me, with alot of tears. FAITH IS SO
HARD TO LIVE ON. Especially the kind of faith in the book of Hebrew
11:1. Hard to belive in the things you can not see. One secret thing
for me, it is so easy to say but hard to do, just belive in the living
GOD and the only GOD. I remind myself all the time when I can do
nothing and see nothing “He is still alive”. Without GOD I can not
even keep faith in myself. That is why Jesus told us to ask from Him.
Everyday I asking for more faith, more love and the knowledge to know
CHRIST,because if I grow up with the  knowledge to know CHRIST , I
will love the other by nature and my character will be like HIM. So
far yet to go but I not lose hope.
We have all kind of different problems everyday. Some times I
wonder how us human beings can make alot of problems like this,even
the person who calls themselft children or servant of GOD. But GOD
does not allow me to judge anybody, my job is love,so I have no other
choice. I pray for everything ,food , school, money for the sickness
and the poor,and all kind of needy, when my rigth hand has money I
give out to other hand. December is Christmas month, fun times for our
kids. All kids look fun and exiting ,but they do not know that Mom is
praying for their food,gifts, money for school and working hard to
bring the children of GOD to turn back turn to each other (in this
work I can see the big sin of humans is to save and protect their
face, also sin from selfpity”).Do we think to be peace maker is our
duty or our life? My answer is our life, because of our position”we
are children of GOD”.  In December we so poor (we rich in spirit side)
but we must pick up a disabled person from hospital. I tried to call
around to his relatives nobody wants him to return, how sad of that
situation,when nobody want him I must keep him with me. Yes, I start
to complain, don’t laugh at me, God knows we do not have enough milk
for the twins. Sometimes we mix coffee cream for them, we also need
diapers. This man needs diapers too, needs food ,needs somebody to
take care for him,Oh GOD! I come home late almost every night and so
tired,how I can do? I complain in heart but drive home to Timothy
House. Give him big shower(he did not get any shower since he admit in
hospital). The next day I go with a single lady to the police station
for report about somebody entrancing to her house. And Anun, our
worker, called said Luke needs to go to the hospital, I told him, “Use
the motorbike and take him to the hospital, his leg was broken, so I
have more big complaints for God. I have many Christmas parties to
work with. We need money for gas, we need everything,but we have
nothing.I keep asking HIM how to do? What to learn? When we go to help
at the party in the community we do not have gas, I set off with no
gas and on the way someone put a little money into my bank account,
200, 300, maybe 500 bath God can make us move. And we give what we
have, we collect everything we have in Timothy house to wrap up for
gifts to give to many kids in the community who never get any gift
from anybody. Some never play games or touch a musical instrument.
They are so exited when the Timothy band who are all same age like
they are, play guitars (we have just 2 guitars at home).
We keep forward with faith alone, pass one Christmas party
to the next until just three days before our Chrismast party at home.
Anun the one worker we have who can help, has an accident and tore up
his finger so bad that he is no help at all. But we invite 200 from
the community. I walk into the woods and start to cry real hard.When I
came out we keep moving, keep working going on faith. We do not have
money to by food for the community kids, also no gifts. I start to
order food by faith. Keep moving, (truck have no gas, the gas
emptylight on for many days) by faith go to pick up tents , chair,
tables. But God sends many helpers to us just one day before
Christmas, that means Rodney does not have to lift up big tent and
move the chairs and tables alone. We go to pick up food with no way to
pay and the maket peple not call yet. You all will see how fun the
party was from the pictures. The day after Christmas we have a thank
you worship. We  have one Christain man come to us, he has a broken
heart from his wife. He went to his church and the pastor not allow
him to live at church when the pastor is not there. So he ends up with
us. I hope we are all rejoicing in our suffering for HIM. our life is

From My Heart

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