English Classes

Hey All!

We got a call from a Thai, teacher / Pastor friend late in the
day on Monday. Seems the school he teaches at was having an English
Camp all week. They wanted some English speaking people to help them.
Our friend suggested us so we have been there 3 days and tomorrow is
the last day. First 2 days was 9th graders and the last 2 days are 6th
graders. It is fun working with the younger kids. They like it and we
keep it funny so they don’t loose interest.
Then it so happens that we start an English course next month,
just down the road from the school as an outreach. They like us at the
school so I think we will have a good turn out for our classes. Never
know how things come together. God maybe has a plan for our little
class. It is a small town and not real big on Christianity. As least
not yet.
Still looking for some help here for construction work. Don’t
think,, just come over. Yea I know money is tight. We live it every
We sent home one of our kids the other day because she just
would not listen anymore. Her mother is now able to take care of her
and was also undermining our authority, so it was time for her to
leave. I still miss them when they go. We are down to just 12 kids
right now. Still building for 50 plus so we are not worried just
enjoying the break.
I was driving a while back and Phimpha was riding with me and
pointed out the window. I looked and said, What? She said did you see
that elephant. I glanced in the rear view mirror and standing on the
road was a very large elephant in plain daylight. Maybe I should start
wearing the prescription eye glasses I have carried in the glove-box
for 2 years. Nhaaa,  not yet.  I didn’t hit the elephant!

Rodney and Phimpha and a few kids.