Short update and story

Just a quick note for what I was thinking yesterday as we were getting
ready for Church Sunday morning. We have been short of spending money
for a week or more so Sunday morning as we are getting ready I am
thinking. We are getting ready and only have enough gas in the truck
to get to church. Not sure how we will get home. We are using wood
fire to cook breakfast because the bottle gas ran out the evening
before and nothing to buy with. We do not have money for the next day
to send the kids to school or again gas to get them there. Yet we are
on our way to worship God and Thank Him for all he does and has given
to us. We have no problem worshiping in times of little or a lot. We
do not just thank him for what we have on the world. We thank Him for
sending His son to save us even though we are not worthy of being
saved. We thank Him for the world around us. We live pretty much
outside most of the day under just a roof so we are close to all his
creations. The world of nature he created for us is an amazing thing
of beauty and complexity. Take time to see it. If you only pray in
times of need for material stuff of the world then do not expect any
answers. We praise God because he is God and deserving of all our
praise every minute of every day.
FYI June was the Girl we let go the other day and sent her home
to mom. Before that her brother went home to be with Mom his name was
Jom. Some of you that know the kids personally were asking.
Rodney and Phimpha