Out and About

Hello Brothers and Sisters

I am mobile again. Yes!! I managed to get a hard soled shoe on my
bad foot and made it to the forest park by motorcycle, to hook up to
WiFi with our volunteer Andrea’s lap top. I am in heaven.
God has given us our marching orders and they are pretty much in
line with what we were thinking. In the last update, Andrea wrote
about Pastor Randy who was speaking at a church meeting where Phimpha
was also attending. She was hiding in the back as usual trying not to
be noticed. As Randy was speaking she heard Gods familiar voice
telling her that He was going to use the woman’s group and have them
become the ones to bring the people back to Him and start the revival
here in Thailand because most of the pastors think to highly of
themselves to be used by Him. As usual she did not want to hear that
she was to be out in front more and was telling God that she could not
do it and even though she knew his voice she wanted confirmation that
it was from Him and not her own heart. So she told God, If this is
really from you then tell the speaker, Pastor Randy, to tell me too.
Not wanting to hear from Randy she avoided him like the plague after
the meeting was over by talking to others. Finally though, Randy came
toward her so they introduced themselves to each other and after
talking a little he said, God wants to use the women of Thailand to
bring the people back together and start the revival because the
Pastors think to highly of themselves. Word for word what God had
spoken to her heart. She said Amen and turned and walked away, not
wanting to hear more. After a while she felt guilty for being short
with him and returned to talk to him. Randy has been with us for a few
days now and is speaking to churches and the women. The two of them
are getting many speaking engagements and God has been working in the
hearts of those that hear. The women, the Pastors and the members are
getting excited about the message and bigger events are being planed
quickly. Everyone is excited and wanting to get the word out to
others. The revival is starting and seems to be rolling along quickly
now. Keep us in Prayer. The work load is getting more and more, if
that is possible. Many nights now we are not sleeping at home because
of the travel and long hours.
We are still planning on English Classes for the weekends also. I
am not sure how many have signed up for class. Or how that is going to
work into the crazy schedule.
We have been given another vehicle to use for Timothy house. It
is an older truck but so great to have for getting the children back
and forth to school and for getting food while we are out traveling
for the ministry. We were really in need of that and it is a great
blessing for us.
I just got word today from a friend, that he knows of a man from
Germany, that is in Thailand and looking for a place to work, for God,
doing evangelism. I said have him give me a call and we can talk some
and see if he can help us here. Looks like God is changing the people
he sends to us and is now sending some to help with the ministry.
Still looking for construction help too so keep that in mind.
Those of you that follow us may remember a girl we had been
working with that has aids. She was asking to be taken home from the
hospital, a few months ago so she could die in peace at home. Her name
is Mummie. Well we seen her last Sunday at her church and she is
looking so good. Her color has returned and she is healthy and gaining
weight. The last check up from the hospital while getting her monthly
HIV medicine showed nothing positive in her blood for the HIV virus.
I know HIV is supposed to be incurable but if the next check up is the
same, she is off the medicine. She is the second case like that we
worked with, where they can not find anything in their system. God or
the medicine or both? We just Thank God for the life back. Mummie had
a hard life and it is good to see her smiling again and in good
This is getting long so I will quit and send it out. Thank You for the prayers and support.

Your Friends in Thailand
Rodney, Phimpha and all those here with the elephants.

PS. Heavy on our hearts. Also please pray for a new case I can not
speak much of yet. A young girl of 13 that is pregnant. Pray for the
whole situation. God knows who they are.