Collateral Damage

Hi all.

Ya just never know what is going to happen around here. Last
night  we had a little visit from our friends the elephants at 3 am.
Well they wanted to play but we were sleeping, so he decided to play
with our concrete power pole. This thing is 8 inches square at the
base but he pushed it right down into the fish pond. Snapped it right
off. As it went down of course the wires pulled the rest of the poles.
One other fell and another broke but is still standing and some are
leaning. I awoke because I heard the fan stop as the main wire finally
broke. I went out to the meter and disconnected the power as the wire
was now in the fish pond. Must have been a shocking experience for the
fish. The good news is the forest reserve will eventually pay for it
as they pay for damages their animals do. Strange but true. But that
takes weeks so first we have to pay to get it fixed then some day get
reimbursed. Right now we have bamboo holding it up off the ground.
So many other things going on here still. More than I can say. We
picked up some more people  here. A small family with a 3 year old
girl. They are a story and a half. The little girl that is now theirs,
was dead when Jack found her. More on them later.  Then we also have 2
students from school that will be with us a couple of months. Sort of
like an internship but not really. We had a couple of them last year
and these are friends of theirs. I am sure that trend will continue
for many years. They will be a big help for the youth camp next month
and are getting are kids ready for that. Songs and such.
Not really sure how many people are Living at Timothy House right
now. I would try to get a count if they would all stand still for a
few minutes.
Also we could not wait any longer for my foot to heal so we hired
some people to finish off the dorm because we have so many coming and
going lately. Well, hired, but on Faith that is.
The electric man showed up as we were just leaving to put in the
new poles so at least that will be done today.  Phimpha was joking
with the two contractors and asked the electric guy if he could give
her some money to pay the tile guy . He said sure, when will you pay
me back? She said when God gives it to me. She is good at putting
things into perspective yet make it fun.
Better go before this gets to long so much to tell.

Keep us in Prayer
Rodney and Phimpha and the rest of them.

Prayer request

Hello Prayer warriors.

We are asking you keep us in prayer for a few things that are
going on here and up coming events.
The women’s shelter is not quite ready yet. It was more work than we
figured. The electric is ready to hook up now and we are waiting for
the meter. We have a little painting to do, to help with the smell
also but it is a small house.The water is roughed in but not to the
house yet. (not a big deal here) We still have to get rid of the nest
of honey bee’s in the crawl space and pour cement in the same crawl
space to cover the snake urine that is causing the whole house to have
a bad odor. The house had been empty for some time, so the snakes
moved into the cool crawl space. No mice or rats though due to the
snakes. We have had to kill a few and some have gotten away. Yes a lot
of them are poisonous. Part of living in Thailand. The two young girls
from the sex trade we had ready to come have been moved to a safer
location. We now have them at a church and they are happy there
because most of the 90 church members are of the same ethnic tribe as
them, as well as the pastors wife. We may leave them there and send
them back home after the case is farther along and we know it will be
safe for them to return to their village. The other two from a
different situation are still at another church and we will bring them
out soon. At least that is the plan today.
We also have picked up some more people living with us. A mother
and her 4 year old and her 13 year old that is going to have a baby in
May from her 17 year old boyfriend. I mentioned her before in earlier
updates. They need a lot of counseling so Phimpha is working on that
as usual, trying to get them to a good place for when it comes time
for them to leave. Not sure what will become of the baby yet. We have
around 17 kids now and 8-10 adults depending on the day. A lot to
feed. Thank God we have the dorm far enough along to use. Still in
desperate need of more than 2 bathrooms. Pray for that. We also have
the 12 year old from a government house. She is starting to fit in and
begining to tell stories. She has been through a lot. Her shoulder is
possibly dislocated from abuse sometime ago. Not sure yet if they will
be able to operate to help her. One doctors says no. We will do more
checking. Keep her in Prayer.
We are working on a Youth camp for the last week in April. We
always get a good turn out for them, but a lot of extra work too. Keep
that in Prayer also. Many of the kids are not Christian when they
come, but many go to church after they have been through the camp.
Prayers for that.
Then the yearly Woman’s Group meeting is in August. Not sure how
many coming. Planning for 200-300. Prayers for that to go smooth.
Ya might want to throw in a prayer or two for Phimpha’s sanity.
We are talking to a man tomorrow about coming to help finish the
dorm. I have not been able to work and it has been mostly on stand
still for many weeks.
And last but not least pray that my foot heals. It was going
backwards for  a while because I was tired of doing nothing. I have
slowed down and I am trying to stay off it more till the circulation
returns so it stops swelling when it is down. Pray for patience for me
and healing.
There is always more but that is the hotter ones for now.

Rodney and Phimpha and many.

Prayers Needed and update.

Hard to make decision.

Pray for my strength. When GOD showed HIS plan to me. HE told me to go
out to the problemers. I do not think I am good enough for HIS work(I
am a problemer myself). The ministries I am working with are a heavy
burden. I get bad news all the times. But GOD shows HIMSELF to me all
the time when I am standing in front of problemers.  He puts the words
of HIM into me when I open my mouth to talk and answer a lot of
question. All different answers I speak out also answer my own
questions. When I am lonely and have problems I start to cry and feel
like GOD not care for me,in the same moment somebody calls me with
same problem I am crying about, GOD gave HIS words to me to encourage
them, also those words will encourage myself too. When GOD healing the
weakness heart in same time he healing me too. That helps me to not
have mental problem under all kinds of depression.
I see a lot of bar girls who use money from the men they sleep with
for their expensive shoes and cosmetics and when no money left they go
back find more men. When their bar circle life ends they call me
asking for help. I have seen tears all the time. I saw the girls and
boys girls with burns on their body. All kinds of abuse. I have had
aids people die in my arms. I am the crying person, I cry in my heart
many times. I many times need to make hard decision when we need food
for kids and need medicine for the aids. We never have enough money to
pay for all that is important for life. Some friends told me to take
care of kids because they will growing up and they have a future, that
mean keep money for kids, the aids will die anyway.  I can not wait
and watch someone die because of lack of funds to help. God cares for
everyone, who am I to say who should be helped. We help all that God
sends to us no matter what. We still debt to  the hospital many
thousand baht. Some say make sure the people God send to us are from
Him, but we do not always know for sure, but one thing for sure they
are human and God loves them so we help. So I share out about this
just to let the people who work with this type of work know that in
the hard decision times God will protect many people from their hard
life. We dept for them just so they might have a chance and so they
know they are loved for who they are by God. When  Mummie found out
she has no aids virus in her blood, now she has new hope. The person
who was willing to die had someone to stand by her in her time of
need. God not give me the strong heart to just stand there and watch
the people die. Some people tell me not to not waste time giving
medicine to sick bar girls with aids. They say she will die anyway why
bother. But two girls we have helped now have no HIV virus in the
blood. That is a miracle and they are happy to be alive.

Rodney here now.
We have found a house that God told Phimpha to use for an
emergency shelter house for women and families. We went out to look at
one house but could not find it, then we stopped to ask some people
and they said they knew of a different place and God told Phimpha to
take it. So before we went to see it Phimpha said we will take it
because God told her to. Would you say yes to rent a house before you
seen it? If you know it is from God you step out because He knows what
we need for the people he is sending to us. Our job is to follow. The
house is small but has possibilities for easy expansion. A large porch
and covered area that we can use for sleeping with a little work. It
is in a perfect setting. Quiet and very secluded with a few acres of
fruit trees as well. No electric or running water so it looks like I
have more work to do. The owner is coming up next week with the key to
open it so we can see inside and talk about how much he wants for it.
Phimpha is asking for help with the rent and furnishings for those who
will be living there. Sleeping mats and mosquito nets and some kitchen
stuff for cooking.  Basic stuff. If God is placing that burden on your
heart we could really use some help in this area of the ministry right
now. Unknown to me she already had two girls staying at a church that
have been waiting for us to find a place for them. One her stepfather
has been peeking at her in the shower and mother doesn,t care, so she
ran away. (smart girl) Their is another  young girl  that is a friend
of hers with her. Then there are two other girls in their mid teens we
that have run from a bar  and are staying with our friends. We must
get them out of there quick, because they are in a bad town and very
scared they will be found out. So the emergency house is very much in
need right now. That is why God has had it so heavy on Phimpha’s heart
these last few months. As I am writing this Phimpha called me and said
the owner of the house will be up tomorrow. He is asking for a years
rent of 70 thousand baht. We barely have enough for food lately so
Prayers are in big order.
I have so much else I would like to tell about how God has really
been moving quick now in all area’s of His ministry here but no time
and this is already too long.  Please keep us in Prayer OH!! another
quick something. We picked up a lady and two children last night and
they are with us now and her husband has been calling this morning
threatening to kill Phimpha. No she is not worried but just keep that
situation in Prayer also.  The harvest is plentiful but the help and
workers few. Never a boring day here.

Blessings to all.
Phimpha and Rodney and many others.