Prayer request

Hello Prayer warriors.

We are asking you keep us in prayer for a few things that are
going on here and up coming events.
The women’s shelter is not quite ready yet. It was more work than we
figured. The electric is ready to hook up now and we are waiting for
the meter. We have a little painting to do, to help with the smell
also but it is a small house.The water is roughed in but not to the
house yet. (not a big deal here) We still have to get rid of the nest
of honey bee’s in the crawl space and pour cement in the same crawl
space to cover the snake urine that is causing the whole house to have
a bad odor. The house had been empty for some time, so the snakes
moved into the cool crawl space. No mice or rats though due to the
snakes. We have had to kill a few and some have gotten away. Yes a lot
of them are poisonous. Part of living in Thailand. The two young girls
from the sex trade we had ready to come have been moved to a safer
location. We now have them at a church and they are happy there
because most of the 90 church members are of the same ethnic tribe as
them, as well as the pastors wife. We may leave them there and send
them back home after the case is farther along and we know it will be
safe for them to return to their village. The other two from a
different situation are still at another church and we will bring them
out soon. At least that is the plan today.
We also have picked up some more people living with us. A mother
and her 4 year old and her 13 year old that is going to have a baby in
May from her 17 year old boyfriend. I mentioned her before in earlier
updates. They need a lot of counseling so Phimpha is working on that
as usual, trying to get them to a good place for when it comes time
for them to leave. Not sure what will become of the baby yet. We have
around 17 kids now and 8-10 adults depending on the day. A lot to
feed. Thank God we have the dorm far enough along to use. Still in
desperate need of more than 2 bathrooms. Pray for that. We also have
the 12 year old from a government house. She is starting to fit in and
begining to tell stories. She has been through a lot. Her shoulder is
possibly dislocated from abuse sometime ago. Not sure yet if they will
be able to operate to help her. One doctors says no. We will do more
checking. Keep her in Prayer.
We are working on a Youth camp for the last week in April. We
always get a good turn out for them, but a lot of extra work too. Keep
that in Prayer also. Many of the kids are not Christian when they
come, but many go to church after they have been through the camp.
Prayers for that.
Then the yearly Woman’s Group meeting is in August. Not sure how
many coming. Planning for 200-300. Prayers for that to go smooth.
Ya might want to throw in a prayer or two for Phimpha’s sanity.
We are talking to a man tomorrow about coming to help finish the
dorm. I have not been able to work and it has been mostly on stand
still for many weeks.
And last but not least pray that my foot heals. It was going
backwards for  a while because I was tired of doing nothing. I have
slowed down and I am trying to stay off it more till the circulation
returns so it stops swelling when it is down. Pray for patience for me
and healing.
There is always more but that is the hotter ones for now.

Rodney and Phimpha and many.