Collateral Damage

Hi all.

Ya just never know what is going to happen around here. Last
night  we had a little visit from our friends the elephants at 3 am.
Well they wanted to play but we were sleeping, so he decided to play
with our concrete power pole. This thing is 8 inches square at the
base but he pushed it right down into the fish pond. Snapped it right
off. As it went down of course the wires pulled the rest of the poles.
One other fell and another broke but is still standing and some are
leaning. I awoke because I heard the fan stop as the main wire finally
broke. I went out to the meter and disconnected the power as the wire
was now in the fish pond. Must have been a shocking experience for the
fish. The good news is the forest reserve will eventually pay for it
as they pay for damages their animals do. Strange but true. But that
takes weeks so first we have to pay to get it fixed then some day get
reimbursed. Right now we have bamboo holding it up off the ground.
So many other things going on here still. More than I can say. We
picked up some more people  here. A small family with a 3 year old
girl. They are a story and a half. The little girl that is now theirs,
was dead when Jack found her. More on them later.  Then we also have 2
students from school that will be with us a couple of months. Sort of
like an internship but not really. We had a couple of them last year
and these are friends of theirs. I am sure that trend will continue
for many years. They will be a big help for the youth camp next month
and are getting are kids ready for that. Songs and such.
Not really sure how many people are Living at Timothy House right
now. I would try to get a count if they would all stand still for a
few minutes.
Also we could not wait any longer for my foot to heal so we hired
some people to finish off the dorm because we have so many coming and
going lately. Well, hired, but on Faith that is.
The electric man showed up as we were just leaving to put in the
new poles so at least that will be done today.  Phimpha was joking
with the two contractors and asked the electric guy if he could give
her some money to pay the tile guy . He said sure, when will you pay
me back? She said when God gives it to me. She is good at putting
things into perspective yet make it fun.
Better go before this gets to long so much to tell.

Keep us in Prayer
Rodney and Phimpha and the rest of them.