Thank You

Late Monday night we received last minute funds from God through
a friend here in Thailand. So today the kids were all excited to get
new clothes for school tomorrow. The kids had been asking for many
days if we had money yet for school. Amin tried to translate to me
that they all need 350 baht just for the school fee. Amy 350,M
350,Fuke 350  etc…  Not counting clothes. (uniforms) The last 2
weeks we have been living day to day or hour to hour, so they were
worried. We always had food so we were OK, but many times it is hard
when we can not see ahead. Deep in debt, second guessing ourselves and
the work we are doing. Phimpha prays and the clear answer comes back.
God tells us to keep moving forward no matter what. Then a friend
emails with the same words. We keep moving ahead on faith. Leaving
home without enough gas to get to our destination does not scare me
any more. We just go when He says go. Phimpha says the more people we
see the more chances to tell others about God. She can not speak
without talking about her best friend. She has had people ask her to
pray for them even though they do not know God. They ask her because
they can tell by her testimony that she has no doubts he is real. Many
pray at temples but the prayers are not answered. I am sleeping here
at the shelter house on the front porch now. I hear the bells of the
temple down the road every morning, calling the Monks to prayer.
Buddha is dead. Jesus is alive. End of story.  Faith? We also have a
yearly woman’s group meeting coming up in August. The committee got
together and prayed for three days and every day God told Phimpha not
to charge the ladies that come. She figures around 4,000.00 US
dollars. That is a huge amount for us to step out on faith for. She
tried telling God otherwise but He would not have it.  I hope God has
it under control and not at the last minute.  Not sure how many are
coming. I think they are guessing 150 to 200 people for a 3 day
conference. Say a prayer for that.
The kids we have at Timothy House  have a healing effect for
many that come to visit us. They help children and adults alike. Most
people that come always return. When children come they are quickly
caught up with our kids and run off playing. I heard from one mother
that her child never smiled or had fun till he came and spent time
with us. Now he runs to get hugs when he sees us come home.  Kids just
need love and want someone to care and give them attention. When a
child comes to you it may seem like something small to you, but to
them it is very important. Take a few seconds or minutes to
acknowledge them.  We are raising up our children in the hope of
carrying on our work here. They are our future servants of God. Many
want to do what Mom (Phimpha)does and help the poor. Some want to be
pastors or  servants. Phimpha’s son wants to be a judge so he can rule
for justice and truth. Not for who has the most to bribe with. He is
already doing His mothers work. He helps others when he only has a
little himself. We had him home for a few days a little while back.He
had been sick many days. He was just lacking nourishing food. Mama is
a cheap meal but low in any nutritional value. Remember when hamburger
helper came out? I loved that stuff. Now if I ever do taste fast food
I can not believe how salty it is.
We are facing a lot of persecution from the Baptist churches now.
We know exactly where it is coming from and why. Sometimes I want to
get revenge. We have the facts to destroy him completely. But Phimpha
will not lift a finger in her own defense. Satan has control of this
mans heart and the lies he is telling have separated some Christians.
Standard work for the devil. The three biggest obstacles for
Christians here stem from the culture.  The first is called saving
face. If you are caught in doing something wrong you must lie and
throw the blame on to someone else. Even if others know you are lying,
if you do a good job of it and save your reputation while destroying
others then you have saved face and you have won. Honesty, integrity
and all other Christian morals go out the window when saving face is
upheld. To say “I made a mistake, I’m sorry please forgive me” is
very, very, very rare. Another that I think is extreme, is the
cultural thinking that the older you are the smarter you are. Sounds
innocent enough until you see the fallout from it. That coupled with
saving face are deadly for Christians here. Then throw in another that
says if I am older and wiser or in a position of power ( ie.
government worker, policeman,teacher,) then I am above you and can not
be looking to a younger person much less a woman for advice. You must
do what I tell you because I am older or higher so there for, smarter.
Most people will not consider working under a younger person because
they are humiliated by the very thought of it.  What did Jesus do? He
washed His Disciples feet. We as Christians are to treat others better
than ourselves. That is why we are called servants, we serve. That
does not at all fit in with cultural up bringing here. He also is
accusing Phimpha of splitting churches. I have come to the conclusion
that we must stay home as a family and worship by ourselves. Phimpha
is very connected with the Holy spirit who is a direct line to God. So
if you ask her about any problem she can most always answer and will
encourage you to rely on God for help. If you go to the pastor but do
not get helped but when you speak to her you get helped then who will
you turn to. After a few months in any church all the members turn to
her for help and advice. The pastor has now lost face and his power
and position and starts the lying to save face. In a society without
consequences for lying or cheating on others, compassion is soon dead,
least ways as I see it. If no matter what I do in this world does not
matter then I can do anything to satisfy my selfish desires.
Buddhist’s believe in reincarnation and being they don’t remember
there last life why worry about the next. The people here like us who
care about others are looked on as not normal. Many times Phimpha is
asked what do you expect to get for what you are doing. To do good,
for no other reason, just because it is the right thing to do, just
does not make sense to most.  Why worry about that old lady, she is
not your relative. That child is not yours, why send them to school.
As the bible says, We are not of this world, we do not fit in.
The shelter house if finally up and running but their are no
young girls here yet. It took me so long to get it ready the four
girls that I had figured would be he quick have been helped two
churches. Our old pastor picked up the two for safe keeping that ran
from the sex trade. They fit in to his church well because they are of
the same tribe and almost all the members speak the same language so
they are happy. They went to work, rented an apartment and are fine.
The other church in Bangkok that was holding the other two girls wants
to keep them there. The pastors wife likes to have them around. When
her husband goes out she is not alone. She says they work hard in the
church and she is sending the 14 year old to school. Phimpha talked to
them and they want to stay. We are glad to see they both found a good
place. That is the way the churches are supposed to work. Take care of
those in need. So right now at the shelter house is one 72 year old
grandmother. She is in between places to live so she will be here for
a while. I am not sure how long she will be here. Then we moved our
son Luke out here to a new school so I am also staying here to watch
the both of them. It is hard not having the young kids around. They
make my day. We enrolled 3 of them in a preschool. Today was there
first day and they were excited to go.
This is really getting long so I better quite for now.
Blessings to All
The Gang at Timothy House Thank God for answered prayers.