If The Shoe Fits

So I was driving our son Luke to school the other day, by motor
bike, and was wondering if he had the 50 baht ($1.50) he needed for
school. He uses half for a meal if he wants or other foods and snacks
they have for sale in the school. I was wishing I had 50 baht a day to
spend on myself. I would get a bag of peanuts 10 baht and yogurt milk
for 24 baht and a pack of imitation Oreo’s (real Oreo’s to expensive)
for 10 baht and still have 6 baht to save for the next day. Then I
thought if I had ten more baht I could get a cup of yogurt for 13 baht
too. And if I had ten baht more another pack of peanuts and then I
would be full and it would work for a meal. I get no salary, I have no
savings or retirement money, my clothes are getting worn and most were
hand downs anyway. Surely I deserve 50 baht a day for myself.  Ya see
how it starts. Surely I deserve a little. I work hard and so little
for myself. Everyone has the nice cars and I deserve that new SUV that
is out and I need that new cell phone with all the gadgets and takes
pictures too and I deserve that new motorcycle so I can use it once in
a while because I work hard and need a break from the world. Really? A
break from the world has nothing to do with more stuff. You know how
many lives can be saved for the price of just one of the toys we must
have.  Satan likes to start us off small. Now we all think we deserve
a nice home and vehicle. Not just any vehicle, the one with all power
gadgets and plays movies because the kids need to be entertained while
I drive them to the mall to buy more stuff I want, but would be better
off without. Evil likes to keep us wanting. We deserve that vacation
every year, we work hard and need the break. It never ends. I am not
bragging here but I have so little now. A few clothes and a computer.
What would I do with Salary? I was thinking how easy I have it being
in Thailand. Yes I see many people in need. But most are not starving.
How could one possibly work in a place like India or Africa where
kids are falling down from weakness and dying where they lay? How
could I eat with a child there dying from hunger? Of course I would
give them what I have. I am sure I would die of starvation myself, but
I am pushing 60 this is a child. But we deserve the new kitchen gadget
for $200.00. We look the other way. What can we do? I thank God I have
a soft bed and pillow. Many do not. I am satisfied with what I have
and cannot see how I could possibly spend more on myself when there is
so much need everywhere. I am gaining weight again, so I know I am
eating more than my fare share. Hunger does not kill you but lack of
food will. We think we must be full after every meal. Look in the
mirror, maybe you could stop a little short and still survive. No I do
not have the answers but with all the technology we have today I know
there are ways to help. Start with your own family. Study what is
going on and where the needs are and how to really help them. We all
can help if we choose to. Spend half the time looking for ways to help
that we spend on satisfying our own selfish desires and many more
children will live. Everything we have is from God. If you do not
believe that, you are going to be in for a big shock. He has entrusted
us with so much wealth and we squander it on ourselves because we have
bought into satan’s lies that we all deserve it. The less I have, the
less I need and the more time I have to try to help those in need.
May God forgive me for the ways I am selfish and do not yet see.
Serving Him in Thailand