Wake up. Mind is going crazy with thoughts flooding in. Must be
time to get up. Check the clock. 1:00 am. Try to get back to sleep.
Get up at 1:30am and move the computer from the house to the front
deck where I sleep. Boil water for instant coffee. Coffee is empty?
Must have been Bae that comes around here. He watched me make coffee
yesterday. He is a sweet challenging kid of 15, with a mind of an 8
year old. He likes to come around when we are not here. Yesterday Luke
caught him in the house rummaging through his room looking for
anything to steal that he fancies. He broke in. The other night he was
by just after midnight, then left again. No time to tell his story.
We are asking for prayers again, or should I say always, just
different requests. Phimpha is asking for prayers for the lady
conference coming up. God won’t let her charge those that are coming
and she figures it is going to be close to 300 thousand baht
($10,000)for the bill. Not the 120 thousand baht I had thought. No we
have no money for it, but are still moving forward with all
preparations. God KNOWS we need big help from Him on this one, but
when you are praying for us could you remind Him of how weak we are
and could sure use a little confirmation that he is going to do a
miracle and cover it. The lady ministry is changing in a big way.
Because it is now a much more a “servant minded” group and in line
with what it should be, it is growing momentum rapidly. The women are
moving out to the communities to work and the pastors are seeing the
change and coming on board. Phimpha is following God on it and God is
doing the “new thing” He had promised. He is also bringing the
different denominations together to work as one group. An almost
impossible task for here. Everyone is excited to hear the new
direction. She is working to tear down the power struggles and get all
people involved on the same level, doing servant work for Christ. In
this culture where power and dominion over others is sought after, it
is not an easy task, but God can do anything. It is a huge amount of
work with many phone calls and meetings to get everything set up and
moving in the right direction. Honestly I do not know how she can keep
the pace going. There are no days off and rarely even a couple of
hours off for her. She starts out from home between 7 and 8 am and
does not stop moving till after 8-9 pm. Some nights midnight and
later. When she is home there are many things going on there as well
and the phone calls never end. Last week we dropped off a man in
Pattaya and then headed south for the evening on our way to a meeting
the next day. It took me a while to realize what was wrong. It was
about 4 pm and we had the evening to just drive and find a place to
sleep. Six hours and nowhere to rush to. We stopped for a meal,
without having to quick eat and run. Drove at a slow pace for a few
hours and stopped at a hotel for the night around nine. Just her and
I. It was like heaven. Usually the day is a constant rush, from one
thing to another with a lot of calls in between. I and Luke are
staying at the emergency shelter house and Phimpha sometimes sleeps at
Timothy House or here or elsewhere.
So the whole purpose for this writing is Phimpha, is asking for
prayers for the next case coming our way. She called me last night to
tell me about it. A lady from Laos who works in the fields and stays
in Thailand. She has been with three different men. Now has three
little ones, at 1,2,and 3 years old and is also 4 months pregnant with
twins. Her latest man wanted her to kill the babies. He beat her and
threw her out when she would not abort them. She ended up at a church
we know of, so they called us looking for help for her. Phimpha will
talk to her on Sunday to get the full story and to judge her state of
mind and to see how the kids are. We will bring her out here to the
shelter house with her three toddlers. I can help her with the kids
when I am here. Just the fact that she would not abort the babies is a
good sign. I had just mentioned the other day how we only had 16 kids
still, so it was time for more. Gotha watch what I say.
The fruit bats are out every night here at the shelter house. I
hear their wings as they fly by me as I lay on the porch. They are
finishing off the last of the ramboutan fruit still hanging on the
trees. Being this is our first year here Phimpha decided to give the
first fruit of the orchard to the churches. We had many churches come
and they picked over 6 pickup loads of fruit. I love sleeping out on
the porch in the fresh air, looking at the stars and hearing the
sounds of the night.  Soft bed and pillow. God is good to me. Best job
I ever had working for the best boss in the universe. Great retirement
plan. Paradise beyond imagination for eternity. What is wrong with you
all. Work for God and live the best life possible and then even better
when you die. Work for a car and a house? How you going to get that
into your coffin. Dust to dust.
My foot is on the mend. Thank you all for the prayers. I had
another x-ray and the doctors said it looked real good. After a few
more months or a year it should be back to maybe normal. It is healed
enough to walk on and I am working on getting it back to a usable
foot. Yesterday I left my crutch at home and made it through the day
without much pain. Feels good to be mobile again.
We are teaching English now on Saturday and Sunday afternoon in
our private classes and then on Wednesday and Thursday in a small
school nearby. They want us to pick up another day at the school. I
say no, Phimpha says pray. I pray for no. Anyone looking for free food
and a place to live in a beautiful foreign country teaching some
adorable little kids and young adults English? Come on over! Just a
few hours away by air. We will pick you up at the airport and you and
your life will never be dull or the same again. God we need some
workers here. Pray for that too. Twice maybe, in case He is busy and
not listening the first time.

All of us here in Thailand.