Elephant Watch

Hello Everyone

Woke up at midnight. Not sure why but noticed the fan was not running under the mosquito net where we sleep. That means one of two things. The power is out in the village agian or our power is out. Since there was no lighting around I sat up to look outside and could see the village had power just not us. Then it clicked. The elephants must have been working on our electric lines again. I got up and seen one big one walking away from our drive way, so I went to investigate. Sure enough he had pulled or pushed our power pole down into the fish pond again. They really are lousy electricians. Not sure all what he did but I will iinvestigate at first light. I will have to hook it up temporary for now till we get enough in to fix it right. I think it will be temporary for a long time. I am now sitting in the truck near the kitchen making sure they do not come around looking for food from the kitchen. Short on rice and the kids need it more than the elephants. There is one or two eleephants eating in the tapioca field next to the kitchen. I hear them eating but can not see them.
It is almost 3 am now and I can not sleep so might as well write. Been meaning to for a while, but just no time to do so and when I do have time I am to tired to think. As usual there is to much going on to put it all down.
There is a missionary in the hospital in Bangkok who is in need of your prayers. He has neumonia and is not doing good, so pray for him. His name is Ben, he is married and they have two young children. I do not know much else about him but I know from a friend he is in need of prayer.
Also since you have the big guys attention say a prayer for Phimpha. She is still under a lot of stress and attack from friends and foe alike. I told her yesterday if we did not have friends we would not have enemies. We just don’t understand how some can call themselves christians yet try to destroy Gods work. If they want to go after Phimpha and I so be it. But how can they justify working against God? What are they thinking? Just to gain power on this earth? Not a good idea. Most of the trouble right now stems from the womans conference in 3 weeks. The enemy wants to stop it from happening or at least make it non productive with just a few people but they do not understand the ways of God. They look to the world ways but God knows what He wants and what He is going to do. No power can stop His will. We have no money to make it happen but God is still proving ways to make it work. Phimpha had to go to the hotel owner the other day to ask them to still hold the reservation without putting a thousand dollars down. He said he would hold it and they discussed another hotel near by for the over flow and then a resort after that if needed. The soldiers are letting us use 4 busses from four differant command areas to shuttle people from the hotel to the meeting hall about 30 minutes away. Everyone is working together to help make it happen but they are not christian. There are letting us do it on faith and trusting we will be able to pay. Unheard of in the business world. God is doing His part.
Write a little chase the elephants away. Write a little, chase away. There is one at the end of the driveway right now. Looks like the culpret who was working on the electric. He is just eating grass right now so I, will leave him alone. The others have moved out of the field.
One of our boys, Amin, has a mother who is dying from Hiv and cancer in the lung. I drove him down to say goodbye to her the other night. He is from the garbage area and I had forgotten how bad it is there. The smell was strong even at 9 pm.It is much worse in the heat of the day. They had his mother laying in what is easiest to describe as a closet. With clothes hung above her. I think it was to isolate her from the next room where others sleep. Kids, a mom and baby, grandma and auntie and not sure who all else. He did not want to go see her but we told him he had to. He is 13 and would regret it one day. They did not speak but a few seconds before he broke down and sobbed. He had not seen her in many months and did not realise she would look so bad and would barely be able to speak.She is maybe 32 but has had a hard life of drugs and I am sure, abuse, as a child as well. They give her a few days to live. Pray for her soul.
The 5 month pregnant mother is out at the shelter house with her daughter. Our sons Ohm and Luke are with her. She tried to us drugs to abort the babies, so prayers are needed that the twins in her womb will be normal. Her 3 year old has defects from the same medicine.
We had to let the married couple we had as staff go. He could not be trusted around the girls. Hard for the kids as she was like a mother figure to them for the last year. We need more help. More prayers.
All seems quiet now ouside. I can not hear the elephants eating anywhere close so I will try to get a little more shut eye before the dawn, which is coming soon.
Blessings and Pray for us.
Rodney and Phimpha and the gang at Timothy house.


Prayers PLEASE!



Please lift Phimpha up in Prayer for strength and the will to continue. Pray for knowledge and clear answers. She has been so tired for so long now and the load has been so heavy that she has finally reached the end of her rope. She also said she cannot stand to see the suffering anymore and not have a concrete way to help them. She has a plan figured out of how she is going to quit this work. If it works, then she plans to walk away and leave it to someone else. She will find work and send money back to whoever has taken over. I did not ask her details, just mostly listened.  She and I have been praying for an answer to our present situation but have none. If everyone prays hard then maybe God will give us a clear message. We have run out of options. She is so tired.

Your Brother In Christ