To all brothers and Sisters

The Women’s conference has ended. It took 2 hotels and 2 resorts but everyone had a place to sleep. About 250 adults and 50 children showed up for the camp. Many lives were touched and many were changed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God. Hearts were healed and some physical healings as well through the Holy Spirits power that was so strong. One of the speakers in his late 60’s commented that he had been speaking at camps for over 40 years, but had never been to one like this one, where the Holy Spirit and the presence of God was so powerful. He felt that everyone was equal and one in heart. I happened to be near the road when one of the older grandma’s arrived. Her name is Bouah. They helped her out of the truck. Her niece was one arm and a sister on the other arm and they were holding her up and walking at a snail’s pace to a chair. Then during one of the worship times she forgot herself and stood up with the rest of the congregation to praise God. She cannot stand on her own. At the end of the day and when it was time to go she grabbed her purse and headed for the truck. Not realizing what she was doing. It wasn’t till she got home and got out of the truck and started walking to her house that she stopped and turned to her niece and said “I am walking by myself.” Her niece said I know. Are you in a lot of pain?” She said “No.” The picture of her below was taken during the service. Her niece is the young girl just behind her on her right. It is customary for the committee to give a small gift to the advisors that come to the camp. One of the Advisors was not real sure about Phimpha being leader. Phimpha had tried to talk with her during the day but she was very reserved. They were trying to figure out what they should get for. The other committee members were very concerned about it as they had known her for many years. Phimpha asked God that night what gift she should buy for the lady. God said nothing that night. In the morning Phimpha was driving around and happened to pass by a garden center and God told her to stop there for a gift. She went looking around and spotted a beautiful potted flower. God said to get that for her as she really loves that particular flower. So Phimpha bought it and wrapped it in newspaper and set it on the stage in the corner. She did not tell anyone what was in it. The committee members were a little upset with her and worried about the poorly wrapped gift in newspaper. Then when the time came it was Phimpha’s duty to stand on stage and present the gift to the advisors. Finally they called her up to the stage. Phimpha quickly unwrapped the flower and was standing there holding it. The advisor stopped and put her hands to her face and said “How did you know I love this color of flower.” Phimpha said” I did not know. God told me to buy it.” Tears began to run down her face. She was amazed that God cared so much about her, even for such a little thing as this. The best part of the whole scene was this. When the advisor got up that morning to come to the camp she put on a blouse that was cover with her favorite flower. The one God told Phimpha to but that morning. So here was this advisor, standing on stage and latterly hugging this flower pot that blended in perfectly with her blouse of the same flower and color. Everyone was clapping. Later on as Phimpha was walking by she grabbed her hand and asked her again about why she bought it so Phimpha was honest and told her that she heard she was a hard woman but straight, so she had asked God what to get for her and God told her to get the flower. Phimpha say if we love one another and respect all other people and we are humble enough to serve, the miracle of God will happen even if we do not ask him. So we need all the children of God to involve everyone for His Ministry. I see Jesus is in us. That is important. Many new believers after camp and we see the camp experience still in everyone. That is the work for the local churches. Thank you for all prays and God did answer. These some pictures from camp and will be more after I get all pictures. All life lives in His miracle and mercy.

Blessings to all.

Rodney and Phimpha