From Phimpha

Dear Brother and Sister


The worker who worked with us for 5 months left this morning with no warning. She was angry me with for no reason. I tried to encourage her and tell her think back to the first day she came to us with strong vision. She had burden to work with kids and want to serve GOD, but just 5 months all her words are changing. She not listening even not look to my face. She ask for her half month salary also all the money she said kids stole from her, all together is 8000 she do not want to wait event half hour. She has all Timothy house’s money for food and school. She kept it all, not enough I beg from friends and gave all to her. Thank GOD I still have 21bhat left. I drove her to the van station. When I turn home we have no rice and food for kids for supper. Rodney upset me when I gave all money to her. He felt like she is selfish, she know we have no money but she took it all. But I not think about her I need to pay for her and do my side.

I found out after I talk to Sanuo the disable man that lives here, that she got a lot of advice from her friends all week. They told her leave. They told her do not waist her time with kids and the person who not related to her and serve GOD by easy and smarter way, by visit orphanage or offer little bit a month. Most of Christians think I am overboard and crazy. I do not know if I am. I just want to stand in front of GOD by HIS righteousness and do what the bible says. I feel lonely because we cannot find the worker who can keep forward long. One thing in my heart is deep peace make me not go crazy. Please pray for kid’s supper and forgive me for I gave their money away.



Your sister in CHRIST