Blessings to all.

       We boil one cup of rice and cook chiness bamboo leave for supper. We eat and joke around, a lot of laghing, no complaining. We top their stomach by last popcorn. Ying said GOD is bigger than our stomach, I do not know how she can say that word. She never read inspirational book. When we praying together I listen, their voice lift up to GOD. They thank GOD for take care of them. I did not hear complaining words like I use. Kids are stronger than me. I feel sad when this lady leave and afraid to tell kids that because all kids gave award to her for being good mother on mother’s day(I told kids vote for other not me,so they vote for her). Kids collecting money from their piggy bank gave to her to buy her own gift. That make I do not want them think nobody love them. But when I see they pray and thanks GOD tonight, that encourage me so much. Breakfast we will see how GOD going to provide, sounds exiting for all kids after pray they talk to each other about  what GOD will give to them in the morning. I want to know too.
Your sister in Christ