Hi Friends


Just a quick letter. Phimpha called a little over an hour ago and told me to pray for God to fix our problem again. So I prayed and decided to check my email before heading over to breakfast and God answered us quick. A man we hardly know sent us enough to cover what we had just asked for.

The kids are home on school break till the end of the month.  We are having camp this week, for mainly our kids and a few extra’s. We are having it as a boy/girl scout camp. We are taking them out to the shelter house and we are going to be teaching them how to survive on little and to fend for themselves and have lots of fun and worship to boot. The rains seem to have shut off now and the skies have cleared and it has been hot the last couple of days so it should be a good week. So that is one of the reasons we need some money, for food and travel.

The other reason is I was taking our son Ohm back to college a couple of weeks ago and I was letting him drive so he could get the experience. Well he lost control swerving around a couple of large pot holes and hit a tree. It took out the passenger door, the roof of the cab and the windshield. It has been in the shop since and is now ready to be picked up but we had no money to pay the remainder of the bill so we were waiting for that as well. We had just gotten our second car back from the mechanic before the accident so thank God we still had wheels.

God has been so good to us and comes through when we need it the most. Our faith remains strong through the good and bad and trial times, and persecution.

We have two new kids this week. One girl for supposedly just 10 days, the other boy will be here full time. Plus an extra adult looking for shelter from an abusive husband. Not sure how long she will be with us this time. Pray for all things and as Paul says all day long.

So glad also for the great place we have to live here and nature being all around. Most of what we have was a gift from a couple of Godly servants from down under. I was sitting on the porch early this morning drinking a cup of coffee and holding kids just waking up and enjoying the view and the smells of the forest. What is heaven going to be like, it feels like heaven here.



Rodney and Phimpha and the gang at camp.

Written Sept 22

The day after manna in the morning and the kids went to school I
thought I would have quiet time and talk to God, but got call from son
Ohm. He said “ Soaw is in the hospital and she is heavy in labor.”
What? God I have no food left, no gas, no money, what I going to do? I
also asked Him? “Why you not give space to me, just a couple hours?”
(When it really bad I complain first then ask Him what to do?) I make
decision to try to drive across the mountain on faith. I know
everything move by Jesus name, in these times we can do nothing; even
my faith is not enough. I know I do not have gas in the tank to make
it. The day I sent the worker to the bus I put 6 liters in the tank.
It was from money we had from selling recyclables. I used the truck
for 200 to 300 kilometers after that. On the mountain road I prepare
myself for every situation. We have three 2  ½ half year old boys with
us to drop at preschool before going to hospital.  If God want us to
learn new thing, He will get us across the mountain. But if Truck die
and we not make it.  I plan in my mind to have Rodney carry two heavy
ones and me the skinny one and walk across the mountain. No idea after
that if it happens, but instead we make it to gas station on the other
side and debt them for 6 liters of gas to get to hospital. PTL we made
it and they let us debt gas but now we heading to hospital and because
Soaw is an alien in Thailand they will want us to pay the bill. Thank
God on the way there someone put some baht in my account. Enough for
hospital and some left for food and even some for kid’s school money
next day. Money gone and still a lot in hand to do, but we made it
through another day. I call helper at home and tell her we are
bringing food for supper so she not have to look to forest. We got
some funds, can make hour by hour. Thank God all of us can work
together. Not just us here. All that help support us and those that
God uses for His purpose.

Rodney here now. It has been a day since she wrote the above story. We
brought Soaw and her new baby home from the hospital today. She was
supposed to have twins, but I guess they read the ultrasound wrong.
Mom and baby are doing fine. Soaw had originally tried to abort the
baby but the medicine did not work. The baby boy looks healthy. Please
pray with us that he develops normal. Her 3 year old girl has problems
from the attempt to abort her. She is developing slow and she does not
walk right. After being with us a few weeks and Phimpha talking to
her, Soaw is now beginning to have a personal relationship with Christ
and it is transforming her. She has been a Christian for 20 years. She
wants to stay and live with us to learn more. She has a burden to
reach out to other Cambodians. Phimpha suggested she should consider
working here in Thailand with her people, instead of going across the
border. A church in Cambodia is persecuted and closely controlled by
the government, but if she speaks to the thousands of workers here in
Thailand they will carry the message across to many different towns
and areas. The government will not be able to control the teaching
because it has no central location. We live close to the Cambodia
border. We see many workers out in the fields and the children either
are too young to work or are busy taking care of their younger
siblings. We are talking 6 or 7 year olds watching babies and carrying
them around. They are under trees or a tarp to escape the hot sun
while the mother or maybe father works as a hired hand in the fields.
It is another whole ministry waiting for workers. So many lost people
here and so little help.
Please keep  praying for us. We really need Prayer for the wisdom of
God and strength to keep on. We have to keep moving. We cannot stop
and wait till all is right. God puts burdens in our hearts and we must

Thank You to many for all the help.
Phimpha and Rodney and the rest of the gang.