Prayer Request

Please keep the little girl (11) and her brother (12) in prayer till we can take get to the bottom of the stories and find out what is going on. Phimpha is not sure yet but fears for the worst after meeting them tonight for the first time. Please pray for their protection.

     Also pray for tomorrow morning, for the first worship service out at shelter house. Sow, the mother staying there with her 3 month old baby has been talking to many other Cambodians in the area and witnessing to them. We will worship there on  Saturdays and on Sundays at Timothy House.
   I will try to get out an update soon.
Prayers please.
Rodney and Phimpha

Written 3 days ago

Thank You!
     Thank You God! for providing for us, through so many.Without the prayers and donations we can do little. Without God we can do nothing. The prayers keep us safe ,strong and moving forward. We are not always sure of the path and prayers for wisdom are always needed.  We plant the seeds to try to save souls. Some we harvest, most we never know, but we do all we can to keep moving forward no mater what.   Many of you give and we do not know who you are. God knows the heart and credits it accordingly. The hardest thing about taking in children is they never stop coming. When some grow up or others leave for one reason or another there are always more coming. His ministry here never stops. Day after day, year after year it will continue. Our hope is that it continues through the children we are now raising to be servants. They are good kids with strong faith and a love for God. They speak to many about God and are already planting seeds. There faith amazes me. They are always talking about the way God takes care of them. Many are from abusive backgrounds but God has done a miracle in their little hearts. It is a blessing to see the huge change from when they first arrive. Not at all the same children.
     A family in the states who we do not know has offered to buy materials for a new kitchen for us. Thank You God! I prayed for help. At 58 I am not a spring chicken any more and last Monday God answered my prayer. A man we did not know (David) called from the states and ask if he could come and help us. We picked him up at the airport 3 days later. He had planned to be in another part of Thailand but that changed at the last minute and God sent him to us. He has only been with us 4 days but has an interesting time to say the least. He awoke the first morning after a few hours rest and Phimpha took him out to help harvest rice. He harvested with a hand sickle all day in the heat for his first day in Thailand. He came home that evening and I asked him how it went. He said great. He will be good help. Two days later he was bitten by a scorpion and then yesterday he left with Phimpha for a 14 hours road trip. They got into a high speed accident a few hours ago but no one was hurt so they continued on to their destination in a rented van. Did the work needing done and are on their way back. They have stopped for the evening and will limp the truck home in the daylight. He has had quite a good start as a volunteer. If your life is boring come see us. God has a plan for that.
     The rains have let up and things are drying and the elephants have been good to us for a long time now. I plan to put our electric poles back up, maybe tomorrow, so I hope they do not play with them anymore. Hard to make things elephant proof. They do not know their own strength. They will be out more as the forest dries up and they get hungry.
     My foot only hurts when I walk on it a lot and in another year or so should be healed. I am grateful it turned out as good as it did. I limp some at times but it is not a problem.
      The new baby is growing and seems to be normal. Thank God the abortion medicine did no damage to him. Many are disabled for life from it. His mothers heart has really changed since coming here and her friends have really taken notice. She is bringing some to Christ already with her testimonies and experiences she has been having. We believe God has a great plan for her if she stays on track with Him. Only He can change the heart.
In Christ
Rodney, Phimpha and the gang

Jumping Ahead

Hi All

I am behind on my posts so I am just going to jump in from here. I am still at the hospital with Green. We are still not sure why his had is swollen but he is on an IV and they continue to give him antibiotics. We will wait till tomorrow and see how he is doing then.  While I am here with him Phimpha is out saving the world. Or at least all God send to her. She is trying to rest a few hours right now after a hard day yesterday and many miles driven. Keep her in prayer for wisdom and strength. Blessings to all.

Rodney and Phimpha and the gang at Timothy House