Prayer Warriors

Prayer request for protection from evil that Phimpha is going
after today. Sow’s family lives just across the border in Cambodia.
Because of Sow and her testimonies they have all turned to Christ and
the spirits they have been worshiping for many years are not happy.
They are causing all kinds of trouble in the household. Sows sister
did not wait till Phimpha arrived and started to remove all the
objects of worship from the house. Evil has her so sick right now she
can barley move. Phimpha and David are on there way there now to kick
out the spirits. From past experience Phimpha knows the evil can not
cause a problem to her but they will attack anyone they can associated
to her so pray for protection for all our children and everyone in
both families. Sounds like it is going to be a battle but we know it
is one that satan cannot win. God is with us and through prayer will
protect all around us.

Thank You
Rodney and Phimpha and all involved.