The Rest of The Story

  I finally feel like I can finish the story of the day Phimpha, David and Lek got into an accident while traveling up north.  They left at 3 am and it was now 7:30 am. It was a four lane road and usually we travel fast on it, but the light rain had slowed traffic down. There was a small tractor coming up out of the meridian and he popped up onto the shoulder so everyone braked not knowing if he would cross immediately or not.  Phimpha was looking the other way for a couple of seconds and when she looked back and seen all tail lights she hit the brakes a little to hard. The truck immediately spun around and they were now traveling backwards toward the ditch. She looked  over at David in the passenger seat and back at Lek in the back and prayed “God I am OK to die but save them.” Lek was also praying “God I am not a good person but Phimpha is, please save her.” David judging the speed figured there might be some broken bones but nothing to serious. Phimpha looked over to her right and seen that the ditch was very steep with a cement lined canal at the bottom. She knew the truck would roll and figured she would die there. What she did not see was the tree coming up behind her on the shoulder of the road. They hit it hard and the force crushed that side of the truck but also sent them on a new course  as they continued backwards. They went over the driveway of a gas station and came to rest on the other side hung up on a culvert. Phimpha had some whiplash but other than that there were no injuries. The tree had saved them from rolling over. They got out and were surveying the damage and talking to the crowd of people around them. About 10 minutes later Phimpha got a call from a friend of hers who knew they were traveling and was asking if they were OK. Phimpha said they were fine but did not tell her what had just happened. Her friend said she had awaken earlier and had decided to pray for them. She closed her eyes and seen our truck with a dark being stand next to the drivers side, just staring at it. She said she could see in his eyes that he wanted to kill Phimpha so she began to pray hard. She prayed and prayed but he would not leave, just kept looking at the truck, so she decided to call and see if they were OK  Phimpha reassured her they were OK but did not tell her about the accident. Being reassured her friend said goodbye. After about 15 minutes she called back and said the dark figure had left but he was real mad when he went. Phimpha listened and said OK but did not tell her about the accident till the next day.
     We never know the battle that is always going on around us. How much of what happens is a direct result from evil? I do not know. But one thing comes to mind, and that is the power of prayer. I am constantly asking for prayers for strength and wisdom and safety. If God puts a burden into you heart to pray for someone do not delay.
     I know I have said it many times but Phimpha’s work load has gotten heavier still. Pray for strength for her. Her heart is breaking from the load and from the case of the 11 year old girl and her 12 year old step brother. I will not go into a lot of detail but she believes the boy has aids and the girl too from  the stepfathers abuse. Step dad has it, so the girls mother does too. None of them have been tested yet but she has worked a lot with HIV and also the spirit is opening many things to her. She is working to get a court order to take the kids to the hospital for testing. She is on her way there now to visit them again. Most likely we will end up with the children as everything is revealed. It is heart breaking case on top of a very heavy workload.
     I am working mostly at home, trying to get the kitchen trusses welded up, also working to get the power lines off the ground and babysitting as needed. With the truck in the body shop we are not going to preschool so three toddlers are under feet a lot.
     We have decided to not have a Christmas party for the village this year. Phimpha prayed about it and feels it is not necessary. I second that.
     I am going to cut this here and get it out before I get to tired.  So much more to say but what the heck. Why don’t ya just come over and see for yourself. I’ll leave the light on for ya.
You fellow Servants in Christ
Rodney and Phimpha and the rest of the gang at Timothy House.

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