Joy and Persecution

Prayer Warriors
     I wanted to update the prayer request. Sorry it took so long but I have good news for the little girl and her brother. Phimpha stopped there the other night. She had an appointment to talk to the older sister of the mother of the girl. Phimpha was amazed when she walked into the house. It was cleaned up. The little boy had been waiting for her to arrive and came running out to see her. He had a couple of neighbor boys that he wanted her to meet. The little girl was not around. She did not see the step father so she asked the boy where he was and he took her to him. The family had been divided and now that they were coming back together the stepfather had been pushed out to a smaller house. Phimpha talked with him and asked him to go to the hospital with her today to get his blood checked for Aids. She also asked if they could bring the boy along. He said it was up to her and what she thought best. That is a huge change for him. With the family back together the little girl and boy might be able to stay there, where where they belong, and still get the care they need. She is also going to talk to the older sister to get the girl in to be tested. Once the results are back and everyone is informed we will see what decisions the family will make.
     Phimpha and David spent 2 nights in Cambodia at Sow’s families home. She said one cannot imagine how poor the living conditions are. She said you  cannot call it a house or even a shack, just a shelter of sorts. Fourteen people in a small shelter and no bathroom. Dried feces laying around the property and the smell is the worst. No running water.
     The sister had been offered to the prophesying spirit as a child. She can read palms and see colors on peoples forehead.  Different colors of their being. Her mother would use her to tell fortunes for money. As she got older she tried many years to get away from it but she could not, and her mother kept pushing her to do it for the money. She did not wait for Phimpha to come and took all the idols out of the house and burned them with the garbage  The  spirit made her so sick she could barely move. Phimpha was trying hard to get across the border but satan was working over time to stop her. Finally late in the afternoon they made it across. The sick sister had talked to Phimpha on the phone, pleading for help. After talking and praying by phone the spirit released her. When Phimpha got there the sister took one look at her and said, “You are so white.” Phimpha talked to her and the family and after prayer the spirit left her. Now after so many years she said she feels so free. She can not see the colors on the people anymore and she is so happy about it. I wish the story was all good but they are already being persecuted for their new faith in Christ. About 4 of them have given there life to Christ. The main income of the family has been sewing garments at home for a wealthy woman who sells them. The woman does not want them to become Christian or improve themselves. She wants to keep them poor and working for her. She was so mad about their new faith she sent her workers to the house the next day and took out the sewing machine and all the materials. She said let your God feed you. She also said if Phimpha comes back she will tell the authorities to arrest her. Being a wealthy person she has the power to do it. Phimpha said, “Tell her I will be back soon.”  So keep the family in prayer. They are going to have to choose between life or the world. Pray that God will bless them in their new faith and be a light for the poor community around them. Ya might want to throw in a little prayer for Phimpha and David when they go back. I am not worried  about Phimpha because I know God will protect her but not sure about David yet. I hope God is not going to test his faith the hard way.
God is Good!
Rodney and Phimpha