Our one and only worker(Rut) got into a motorcycle accident a few days ago. She was on her way back from a small shopping trip with her two children Bung Ya and Bung Fan and also Thoy. They were run off the road by a truck being passed by another truck. The boy Bung Fan has a broken leg and she has stitches under her jaw and other lacerations to her face. The other two had mild injuries. Thank God it was not worse.
     That makes 3 accidents for us in 4 months. I think someone is working overtime to make trouble for us. Please keep us in prayer for safety and protection. If satan is after us then we know we are on the right track. He doesn’t waste time with those who are not a threat.
     I wish there was a way I could explain what it is we do here that makes satan go after us like he does. Phimpha never gets a day off or even a few hours off anymore. There are so many calling her and she is speaking to people all the time, encouraging them and turning many to Christ. The Holy Spirit is working close with her and many see the miracles. It gets there attention. She is never alone no matter where she is or where she goes. There are many nights she gets home late and someone is waiting to talk to her about their particular problem. Some are Christians and some are not, but will be after talking to her. She uses the bible to help them out of any problem or trouble they have. When they follow the advice it works, and amazes them. They want to know more about the living God who cares for them. She never passes up an opportunity to share Christ with others. She is a walking talking witness for Christ. I am blessed to be here and a small part of it. Neither of us have anything on this world but we are blessed beyond belief from the work we do. Our biggest regret is not being able to reach more, but I think God has a plan for that.
     How about you? Are you going to heaven when you die? I don’t think I was up till a few years ago. Still not certain but I keep praying and trying to follow what God wants for me. I know he put me here and I know he put Phimpha and I together and I know this is the work He had predestined us for. What an amazing road to get here. I miss my kids and grand kids and family back in the states. How did I ever end up living in Thailand. It all happened so quick. If God is calling you do not wait or say, “but what about…. just go out and do what He is putting in your heart to do. Don’t worry or think about all the possibilities or where you are going to get the money to go. Just start moving in that direction and He will show the way. It is up to God to put the burden in our hearts. It is up to us to have enough belief in everything we have read and experienced to know that the God who created the universe can certainly handle the problems we think need to be addressed before we make a move. Have FAITH and do. If we wait for everything to be right then we have no faith and we belittle God. We Americans are a selfish people. No one wants to say they are selfish and most will never see it. I certainly did not. But God has opened my eyes these last 6 years.  The less you have the more you realize you really didn’t need it to begin with. Once the stuff is gone then the want leaves too. Being here where I see so much need helps with the selfishness. I have a soft bed and pillow and I eat everyday for now, so what more do I need. Many times I feel guilty with the nice bed and room I have. I really splurge when I buy a Dairy Queen. Maybe it’s one of the food groups. We can justify anything.
Your Brother in Christ