To All

I could write a book about what has happened since my last update but no time for that. The outside ministry is on a fast pace with many healings, casting out of spirits and lives turning to Christ. We are not sure where it all is going but we know God is in control. One way we know was yesterday. We were on our way to look at a piece of property that a lady who had recently been freed from an evil spirit wanted to donate to the foundation. I was thinking it was some bare land someplace. The woman gave her testimony on Sunday, which was, by the way, supposed to be our small family Christmas worship service. I think there were about 130 that showed up. It went very well and because of her testimony many of the close neighbors said they would return next Sunday. We will see what God has in mind. So anyway, as we drove along Phimpha and this lady were talking in Thai, but I can catch a little and I knew something was up. Phimpha told me that the place they were going was the house; God had showed her in a vision back in 2003.  The land had 3 buildings on it and one she believed was the blue wooden house God had shown her many years before. There were many people who were sick that were coming to her as she sat on the front porch. The vision she had of the house was from way back and the lady had taken off the front wooden porch and added a cement porch and kitchen to it. Phimpha described it too her just the way it was 9 years ago and the old blue paint still on it, was the exact same. So we know for certain it is to be used as a place for sickness or healing for His ministry in that area. Because it is wooden the termites have had their way with it for a long time, so there is much work to be done on it and the rest of the property too. We now have too many locations and not enough people to staff them all. Pray for more workers for us. God knows we need them so pray for His will to be done and it will be done.

We were donated another piece of property a month or so ago that will be a small worship area in another village. No building there or staff. God will be calling some more workers to us. If you happen to be one of those reading this and feel He is calling you, then do not be afraid. God has it all covered, just come and do what He is asking. The rewards will be many.

Jumping backwards some. As Phimpha was driving to our home base here for Worship this last Sunday, God spoke to her and said He wanted her to wash some of the member’s feet during service and also to have the bread and wine given out. She had not planned for it that, that day because of the many newcomers that would be there. She said OK.  But you know I do not have enough money anywhere to buy the grape juice to substitute for the wine. He said do not worry I will take care of it. So she called ahead and told the kids to get the glasses cleaned and that she had the grape juice, (faith) so have someone bake up some bread to use. She stopped at the convenience store in the next town to get the grape juice. She got out of the truck and waited in front of the store. Very shortly a man walked up to her and said Arjahn. (pastor) This is for you and handed her 500 baht (15USD). She asked what is this for? He said” “Just take it” and turned to walk away. She called over his shoulder. “God will bless you”. He turned and said: “I already got it”. He drove away. She had no idea who he was.  She had not seen him before. With God and the faith as small as a mustard seed, ALL THINGS are possible.    The washing of the feet was a new thing for us here but it was very moving. She did not tell them what was up just called some by name to the front. When they saw what she was doing I believe all cried, as well as I and many in the congregation. Most, with tears asked to wash her feet instead, but she said please let me do. Jesus words come to mind.  “Do this in remembrance of Me”

Please lift us up in prayer. My heart is heavy. Sorry I cannot say what for. God knows and He will honor them.

From your Brothers and Sister in Christ.

Far away but so close in Spirit.

All of us at Timothy House