Late Again

Hi to everyone

     It has been a while since I last updated. I am now in the states as most of you know. I will be here many months. Many are wondering what is going on. Phimpha and I are not having personal troubles. We are doing good. God has called me to be in the states for a lot longer than I had planed to be. I am following the best I can. He has revealed somethings to me that I believe He wants me to do here and as soon as I have completed the tasks before me, He will let me return home. Going forward on faith is walking forward where God is telling you to go even though we do not have the whole picture. We trust in God because he made us and knows what is best for us and what he wants us to do for Him and His kingdom. The most important thing in this world is to bring others to know the love of Jesus. He will direct our paths to achieve that goal for our lives and all we have to do is sit back and follow. Stop worrying and caring about the world and what we have or have not and concentrate on listening for His voice to guide us. It is not a hard thing. We do not have to worry about all the worldly stuff that just gets in the way. Satan wants us to care about it, but if we follow God’s plan for our lives He gives us what we need. Trust in HIM ALONE. Follow none other and your salvation is secured. Eternity awaits those in His will and death for those who choose to follow the world. It is a hard thing and no one likes to hear it, but it is truth from God. He only wants to bless us, but our freewill that He allows us to have can change what He knows is best. It allows us to choose that which is death for us. Listen people to the small voice inside when we are making everyday decisions. If you feel it is not the right thing to do then do not do it. Simple but not easy. We are selfish by nature and want it all for ourselves. So hard to write these days with out speaking out what He has put in my heart. I have learned so many hard lessons these last 6 years. If mistakes were riches I would be blessed. He has given me many experiences and trials and suffering but I would never change one day of it. Harder times are coming but I will stand by God and know I am protected by His unlimited power. Who can stand against God. With His protection we can go anywhere with out fear. Nothing can harm us if God does not allow.
     Anyway, trying to speak a little about the ministry and Timothy House. We are in more desperate need right now for help with the kids and everyday life at Timothy House. Phimpha is out doing the work God has given her to do and that work is growing and producing everywhere she goes.  But that takes more time away from home. I have heard from several people, that they feel we need to spend our time working with the children more. We appreciate the concern, but we follow God alone, and what He wants. We have to let go of our own desires and go where He sends us. We do not live for our selves. It would be so easy to just stay home and raise the children we have, but that is not Gods calling. He has worked with Phimpha many years and with Phimpha and I these last 6 years and we sacrifice our wants and desires knowing that His plan is the best and we, by Faith alone must follow Him. If you can not step off the cliff with out knowing that He will be there to catch you, then do not even think of coming out to the mission field. He never reveals His whole plan to us. If He did then where would faith be. As a soldier for Christ we must follow the orders given and not question. He uses us to our fullest extent if we allow Him too. Our free will can and will change our own calling, but the plan that God has will never stop. If we do not answer the calling He has for us He will call and use someone else. He doesn’t even need us to do His work, He allows us that gift. Never a dull moment in His will.
     Pleas pray for a solid house family to work with the children we now have and the many that will be coming. God has not sent us any new children lately and I believe that is because He knows we can not handle them right now. We know He has a plan for Timothy House but He has not shown us what it is or when the help will come. Perhaps they are not here because they did not answer. Not a problem for God. His plan will go through. Of that we are certain. The kids are getting bigger everyday. I finally got some picture up on FB and will work to get more recent ones out. If I had time I would label them but …. Life goes on.
     The elephants have been after the kitchen a lot since I have left for the states. Phimpha said the other night one came into the kitchen to get food and then as he turned to leave his big butt knocked over the shelf with all the cups and silverware on it. It made such a loud crash it scared him and he ran out knocking over the sink and breaking the water line. So in the early morning hours Phimpha and David were up fixing water lines. They are just hungry, so we feel for them but they do tend to be a pest at times. Hard to spray to keep them away. Anyone have elephant repellent?
     The women’s ministry and the work with the churches continues to grow. And now just last week Phimpha has a new job as head of the women’s group for all of Thailand. That will add a lot of travel time to an overfull schedule, so God is going to have to do something to make that new position work. Either some really good help or she has to let go of some other work. Just not time left. To little sleep. She works 26 hours in 24 hour day. Not sure when she sleeps. God gives her a lot of gifts and strength. If He did not, she would never be able to handle the load He sets before her everyday.
     I am here in the states wishing I could be there to help. I am not real used to this life style. I was in the car the other morning and Phil had left the radio on and it took me a while to realize it was a Christian song and in English. Then I realized I am in America where English is the spoken language, even on the radio, and they have Christian music too. Wow!!! I was singing all the way to Church that morning. Only took me a week being home to realize it. Yea I am a little slow. But God still uses me.
 OK this is getting  way to long, with not a lot of substance, so keep the prayers coming and hopefully they will send an update from Thailand. I do not know all that is going on anymore.
You Brother in Christ
In MN, wishing I was home in Thailand