God Builds a Bathroom!

Hi everyone!

     I am still in cold Minnesota but I will try to write a little about what is going on back home at Timothy House in Thailand. I have been talking a lot by phone, with Phimpha and it never ceases to amaze me at what God will do for us if we make a conscious decision to follow Him, everyday. God knows what we need. He will provide it at the time we need it. He will provide everything we need to do what He asks of us. All we have to do is move forward. Then and only then, will He provide the next step or gifts for us to complete His work. If we sit there knowing what God wants us to do but do not move in that direction, He will not provide the next step. We can not force God to work by our standards. Who are we to test Him? We move out in Faith, knowing that He will provide all. When I left for Minnesota I was in the middle of building a kitchen. There are always on going projects so there is never a good time to be away, but God made it clear I must return to MN. So here I am, but the work back home cannot stop. Phimpha never really worried to much about the construction of buildings. I always had a hard time trying to get her to understand the construction terminology in English, and then she would have to try to interpret that, to Thai construction terminology, that she did not know. So after I left and she decided to continue the construction. She hired some workers and a friend came over and said he would work as the supervisor for us to complete the project. God even sends the right help at the right time. So as they are talking to her about what they are going to do she is not understand the terms and all. She prayed to God and asked Him for help on what to do. Then He gave her the gift of construction. She said when they were talking about something like the footings she would get a picture in her mind of the footings. Not only a picture but it even had the dimensions on it too. Like looking at a blueprint. She was amazed. Even if she did not know the word for the part of the building they were discussing she can see the picture of it in her mind and immediately know what it means. She even asks questions about the rest of it from in the picture in her mind and they say yes, that is right. We can do that. They think she is smart but again, it is just another example of what God will do for us. She is so amazed at the new gift of understanding. So the workers came to build a kitchen, but with the other bathrooms we have that so far from the construction site the workers were using the woods as a bathroom. We have two bathrooms for the 25+ people that we usually have around so she decided to start first on the new bathroom near the big house. We had planed for it, but never the time or money to do. She started thinking about it and God gave her the picture of the finished bathroom in her mind. She can see it and explain what she wants to the workers. Right down to how to do the plumbing, which she had no knowledge of beforehand. If we have the faith, there is no end to what we can do. God will do everything for us, we just need to move. Do not test Him by saying  “OK God if you give me the money and people to complete that project then I will start.” No we need to move and have the faith God will do His part. He will test us over and over again on this. 
     That is why I am here. I know He wants me to do some work for Him here in the states but I do not have the skill to do it, or where to start, but I know I have to do. I can not do it in my mind, but with God behind me why worry. 
     Phimpha has been under a lot of work, as usual and God gives her the little things to let her know He is there for her. The other morning she is feeling a lot of weight and two little birds come to sit in the open window above her and are chattering to each other. The words of Psalm 84:3  Came to her. “Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young, a place near your altar.” God is so good and patient with us. Trust in Him alone and our lives will be a living testimony to His goodness, that He bestows on us each and every day .
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha
Apart in the world but together in Spirit.