Here I Go!

So Here I Go

This is another update, but with me (David) at the Helm this time. First things first,
thank you to all of our supporters around the world. We are truly the body, the church,
and the Bride to be, (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). More about Bride topic later, if I get to it.
As far as the body and church thoughts, a week or so ago Phimpha gave a talk about the 9
“gifts” talked about in 1 Corinthians 12:8-11. As I read the verses she talked about, I wanted
to know more, so I read the full chapter with some before in chapter 11, and after going
through into chapter 14. I was troubled, because I have no manifestations of the spirit as
such but, sill felt I was part of the body/church. After spending some considerable time in
prayer and reading again, I found a key that helped me. I thought it might help someone
else. (So we really are the body/church.) I share with you, and if there is hope for me (even
just in writing this update), then there is hope for you.

Going over what I had read in 1 Corinthians 12 yet again in my troubles, verse 31
arose off the page. “But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more
excellent way. There is not enough time to go into all the details, but please notice the
last part of the verse……and yet I show you a more excellent way. Halleluyah! My answer
came. It is so clear now. No matter what gift, gifts, fruits, or manifestations, or any number
of any or all of these, there is a better way. What Paul follows up with in his first letter to
body at Corinth has been called the chapter of LOVE…..the famous 1 Corinthians 13. In
chapter 13 and verse 13, the end of verse 13 states…but the greatest of these is charity.
or LOVE. So, with help from God I can love as described in this chapter. This is better or a
more excellent way, because this is the foundation. Once we are rooted in this kind of love,
HE can use us in the details; teaching, healing, apostles, and the like. Such a revelation to
me. I thank GOD that HE still speaks to HIS children, and that through his written WORD. In
my personal prayers, my strongest request of recent is to love as our Redeemer loved. So
keep seeking, keep praying, keep reading, and let us always have HIS kingdom in the front
of our minds. Thanks again for your support, we could not do this without you. We are the

Updates, happenings, and current events with Love and Care Project Foundation. Wow.
Can there really be more? Here is a one day summary. Late yesterday, Tuesday March
26 around 10 pm we got back to Timothy house from the hospital, Luke had ankle surgery.
He had a stainless-steel plate removed from a break then corrective surgery years ago that
has been recently causing him pain and trouble. The surgery went well, and recovery has
been good, however when we were gone for 1 day and 1 night, 2 of our temporary staff
left without warning. They were temporary, meaning they said they would help us till the

new bathroom building was finished. That status is; the pillars/foundation in and metal roof
supports going up even as I write this, not even close to being finished. They took some
food and tools that belonged to the foundation. We pray for healing on both sides. OK,
next one. One of the community ladies we were helping decided to go back to Cambodia
with her abusive mom and live, this again when we were away for Lukes surgery. They
were here less than a week, and looked like a good workers. I guess it is family ties that
drew them away. OK, next one. Again while we were away, Phimpha gets a call from a
social worker in a nearby town wanting her help with a new case. She left Luke and I at the
hospital, took care of some other business, but also accepted our newest family member.
We now have a 5 year old boy, whose Dad denies him, Mom is an addict/prostitute, then
not sure of the problems with his grandmother that does not allow her to care for him. This
same social worker has 5 other cases (less urgent) that he asked help with. We simply can
not right now. That covers yesterday. What’s more, about a week ago we took in a lady
that another church member had been assisting, but then asked for our help. We have this
woman who is in her mid-40s, but because of a car accident her mental status is in the early
teens. She has at least one child that her divorced husband cares for. I told Phimpha that I
have and continue to thank GOD for her big heart. What a blessing to be a part of.

I have read only a few of the updates, and I think they are good. Rodney asked me
to start writing them because I am here in Thailand, while he is in the U.S., so I am closer to
“the work”. I am not good with computers, but can get by. I plan on being more active with
updates and emails, and the internet. I hope my writing style is not too different from
Rodney’s. Please be patient with me. Please continue to pray for us. Our greatest need is
for Thai “missionaries”, meaning Thai Christians with the same heart and desire for the work
that we have. I know I did not get to the bride topic yet, but plan addressing that next time.
Till then or, Heaven. David.