News from Thailand and America

Hello Brothers and Sisters

Those pesky elephants have been at it again. It’s very dry over much of Thailand, so there is not enough food growing in the forest. A few nights ago an elephant came and tore out the window of the dorm. It’s an aluminum window and frame. He wanted to get at the big bag of sticky rice that was in the room. They put the window back in with stronger screws. Then the other night he came back and pushed harder. He pushed the whole window frame and all into the room with a loud crash. Phimpha came out of her room as the elephant was trying to lift the big bag of rice out of the window. He had a large part of his head in the big opening when Phimpha hit him in the side with the handle of a bamboo broom. It startled him, so he dropped the bag of rice, but lifted his head and put a large dent in the ceiling and window opening. Never a dull moment around Timothy House.
The other night Phimpha was asked to visit a village that had no water. All the rain collecting tanks were empty. They had many tanks sitting out near the road. A water truck from the government was supposed to come by and they could buy water from it. It had not come for three days. The last time it did come, the water they delivered smelled so bad that many did not use it. They were asking her what to do? She said the best thing she knew was to pray to God, because He, sends the rain. So after sharing the news of Christ to them she prayed with them before leaving. That night it rained so hard and long it filled all the holding ponds and the rain water tanks. There will be some turning to Christ in that village. God can use many things to help us spread the gospel. All we need to do is speak out. God will do the rest.
We are still looking for some staff at Timothy House. Please keep that in prayer. The older kids are helping with the younger ones. They do what they can. They have been on summer break and will be heading back to school soon. I am still in the States and probably will be for a couple more months. So I am not much help other than encouragement.
The persecution Phimpha suffers for Christ is always ongoing, so please continue to lift her in prayer.
The work for the womens ministry is ever growing. Many churches are requesting her to come and speak. As soon as we get some staff she will be going out more. If she goes out on Sunday now she brings the whole gang along.
The new bathroom is coming along. Most of the tile is done and I think they are waiting on toilets and sinks at this point.
School is starting this week for some of the children and next week for the rest. New uniforms, shoes and the rest are needed again. Every year it is the same. The uniforms are not high quality and usually can not be handed down. If we quit feeding the kids they would grow less. Thats probably not an option though.
Phimpha had decided to let the shelter house we were renting go. The owner had wanted us to sign papers to buy it but no funding. She told the owner we would move out. She also told God that if He wanted us to keep it, then have the owner call her back and offer to wait till we had funds. He called two weeks later and said the exact words she had asked God for. She will sign papers on it in a couple of days. It is now Gods problem to come up with the funding, or have the owner wait for a few weeks.
Last but not least. I am selling 20 acres of land near Almelund MN. It is the last thing I own in this world. It will be sold at an auction on the 21st of May at 6:30pm. I have no minimum price set, because I must be rid of it. (Hard to make taxes without income.) Anyone looking for a good deal might want to be there for the auction. With the bad market it will go real cheap. I paid 125 thousand for it and if I get 40 thousand I will be happy. Its a nice piece. 70% wooded and 30% open field. Hwy 95 road frontage. About a mile out of town. I am praying for a good price, we have a lot we want to do with the ministry. It is in Gods hands now. It will be good to be disconnected from the world.
When it sells I am hoping to have Phimpha come to the States for a couple of weeks the end of June. There are some things we need to do together here, before I return home. If God allows, it will happen. Biggest problem is someone to watch the children. Anyone wanting to travel halfway around the world to be Mom (for 14 kids) for a couple of weeks let us know. You could stay on for a few months and teach English. The schools are begging for teachers from America.
I have not mentioned this for a while. If there are any of you who get to many emails and want to be taken off my update list, just let me know. If I don’t hear from you, then your stuck with my updates as they are.
Do not be discouraged by the people and the world around you. Keep moving forward doing the work God has called you to do. Answer to Him alone and He will be there for you in good and hard times. The world will pass away but HIS WORDS will NEVER pass away. His plan will go forward.Trust in God alone.

In Christ
Rodney & Phimpha and The Gang

To those who have Ears, let them Hear. To the Rest, May God have Mercy

My time here in the states has been an awakening. Satan has a strong grip on the American people. That is obvious. How we respond when the devastation comes will determine our own destiny. If we repent and return to our God, He will instantly forgive us. But we will suffer the consequences of our sin. God has blessed this nation for so long. We have responded  by allowing godless people, to wipe prayer out of our lives. We have allowed the few, who do not know God, to rule over us. He is not happy with us. Disaster is imminent  Not if, but when? It is the one thing that brings us to our knees and returns us to Him. When it strikes do not ask, Why God? Ask for forgiveness  He will instantly receive you back. Wake up people and look around you. What do you see? Have you surrounded yourself with what we need for life and given the rest to further His kingdom here. Or is what you see around you, your wants in life. Stuff you think you deserve, because you work hard for it. It is hard to be a Christian in America. We have it all. Yes! We have it all. We can have anything our sinful hearts desire. I think satan even helps us to get it. I know he is constantly telling us we deserve it. We buy his lies more than we believe God’s truth. God gives us all we need to live in this world. Clear instructions in black and white. How to follow the right path. He wants our fellowship. He has tried everything to get our attention. We have been blinded by our selfishness. All sin comes from one thing and one thing only. From our selfish wants. The good life we call it. It is not the good life. It is death. We have closed our eyes to truth and bought the lies. What really scares me is when Jesus talks of the road to heaven. It is narrow and FEW find it. Yet we all believe we are being good and that God in His mercy will allow us to enter heaven. That is a lie from satan. God never said that. Yet the majority of Americans believe it. That is why the majority of us will be in spending eternity in death. The FEW will be with Him. I cringe everytime I hear people asking Jesus to return. I say NO! Not NOW! There are to many that will perish! It is our job to open their eyes. Their blood will be on our hands. He Has commissioned all of us as missionaries, Most have failed in the field. Me too. Most of my life I spent seeking stuff. Thank God He forgives. Even a sinner like me. I know I am secure, but it does not bring me peace. I see so many brothers and sisters beside me. Still seeking the purpose for their lives. Still running to grab hold of the golden ring. Thinking if they can catch it, they will forever be satisfied. I am satisfied. More now than any other time in my life. Yet I have the least STUFF. If you do not understand that, seek the answer. Only God can fill that longing we all seek. What is there to life and why are we here? We are here because He allows us to be. Because of His great love for us. He is holding back. Telling us few to reach the many. We have free will to refuse Him. The shame of it will be on us in the end. I will not be standing before God in judgement. I will be in the dirt in shame for not doing more. What is it worth to one soul? To the one who is saved? It is Life! Beyond anything in this world or anything we can imagine. I would choose to die now, if by doing so, it will save one more soul from hell. This world is worthless to me. Just a stepping stone. I only pray I can do more, to save more. Who will go out, to save more.
Wow! Glad I got this out. It was ready to explode in me.
Your Brother in Christ

News and Prayers Request

Hi to all !

     This is Rodney in America with news from home. (Timothy House)  The youth camp of last weekend went good. This is the text message Phimpha sent me. (PTL I just done with the camp. See a lot of Miracle and so powerful. I impress God is humble and mercy me. HE blessing the camp.) There were 32 youth and 18 adults attending.  God heals random people when we speak HIS word. If we read in. 1Co 2:4-5  “My message and my preaching were not accompanied by clever, wise words, but by a display of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith would not be based on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”  It draws the attention away from the tool (speaker) and places it on Jesus.  The miracles act as evidence that the message is true.( Last sentence taken from a book named “Back to Jerusalem”.)  A excellent book and so encouraging.  When God heals a person, the healing is not the best benefit. The best thing that happens is now that person who was either a lukewarm Christian or non believer is now certain there is a God and is so excited. They run out to speak to many about the real God. Our witness comes with the power of God when we speak it out. It causes Gods Kingdom to grow. What better result could there ever be. The healing has then just been a tool to achieve the end result. A Christian alive and excited to speak the word.
     You have heard me say many times how much persecution Phimpha is under while she works the ministry. She follows the words of Jesus. She prays to bless those who persecute her. Rarely does God want her to defend herself against the rumors and lies she hears almost daily. Persecution is from satan as he tries to tear us down and stop our progress. Faith in Christ is moving forward, in the face of persecution and not allowing satans distractions. Time spent defending ourselves and our reputation is wasted time. We walk with God alone and He will defend our character and fight for us. He turns the lies and persecution back to the one who sent it. God turns even persecution into good for HIM. I have seen it many times and it still amazes me. She has had two incidents in the last couple of weeks where she has been defended by God himself. The severe persecution from a close Baptist pastor had been going on for over a year. God orchestrated two separate situations to open up the accuser. The trouble and lies that were spread He returned to the accuser. By not responding to persecution, we allow God to do His work in ways we can not. He knows and uses even persecution to show His power and advances His kingdom with it. I say again. If you are not suffering some form of persecution then you are not a threat to satan. Get moving!!
       And again I ask for Prayers for Phimpha and all still involved with the ministry. Yesterday two more of our team left Timothy house taking with them things that were not theirs and spreading lies and rumors about Phimpha and our children and the ministry. Pray for them. Need I say more.
      At Timothy House we currently have one adult in a wheelchair  one 43 year old woman with the mind of an 11 year old that loves to follow Phimpha and 17 children from 3-1/2 to 16. Our only help is a temporary friend who needs to go but stays from mercy. Phimpha is supervising the building of a bathroom and a kitchen so at times there are workers there for that also. On the outside ministry is the women’s area that she is head of and then also leader of the EFT womens groups of all of Thailand. Please pray for us to quickly learn what it is God is trying to teach us through the immense amount of work He has given her. She holds Bible study for the kids during the week and has worship service on Saturday morning, Saturday evening at another location, and Sunday morning back at Timothy again. There are no days, or even a few minutes off. Also many come to her for advice and help from the churches where she speaks. Her name has spread Because of the leadership positions and God even uses the persecution. Wherever she goes they recognize the unusual name, but she never knows from what source they have heard about her.
     Needs are: Two on staff workers for Timothy House, a pastor to do the services and teach the children at times, to lessen the load.  Finances for all ministry. Strength, and wisdom to keep moving forward. Also a full time English teacher for one of the area schools. A good start for a Christian who can commit to a school term and wants to experience life in the mission field.
Your Brother and Sister in Christ
Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House