News and Prayers Request

Hi to all !

     This is Rodney in America with news from home. (Timothy House)  The youth camp of last weekend went good. This is the text message Phimpha sent me. (PTL I just done with the camp. See a lot of Miracle and so powerful. I impress God is humble and mercy me. HE blessing the camp.) There were 32 youth and 18 adults attending.  God heals random people when we speak HIS word. If we read in. 1Co 2:4-5  “My message and my preaching were not accompanied by clever, wise words, but by a display of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith would not be based on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”  It draws the attention away from the tool (speaker) and places it on Jesus.  The miracles act as evidence that the message is true.( Last sentence taken from a book named “Back to Jerusalem”.)  A excellent book and so encouraging.  When God heals a person, the healing is not the best benefit. The best thing that happens is now that person who was either a lukewarm Christian or non believer is now certain there is a God and is so excited. They run out to speak to many about the real God. Our witness comes with the power of God when we speak it out. It causes Gods Kingdom to grow. What better result could there ever be. The healing has then just been a tool to achieve the end result. A Christian alive and excited to speak the word.
     You have heard me say many times how much persecution Phimpha is under while she works the ministry. She follows the words of Jesus. She prays to bless those who persecute her. Rarely does God want her to defend herself against the rumors and lies she hears almost daily. Persecution is from satan as he tries to tear us down and stop our progress. Faith in Christ is moving forward, in the face of persecution and not allowing satans distractions. Time spent defending ourselves and our reputation is wasted time. We walk with God alone and He will defend our character and fight for us. He turns the lies and persecution back to the one who sent it. God turns even persecution into good for HIM. I have seen it many times and it still amazes me. She has had two incidents in the last couple of weeks where she has been defended by God himself. The severe persecution from a close Baptist pastor had been going on for over a year. God orchestrated two separate situations to open up the accuser. The trouble and lies that were spread He returned to the accuser. By not responding to persecution, we allow God to do His work in ways we can not. He knows and uses even persecution to show His power and advances His kingdom with it. I say again. If you are not suffering some form of persecution then you are not a threat to satan. Get moving!!
       And again I ask for Prayers for Phimpha and all still involved with the ministry. Yesterday two more of our team left Timothy house taking with them things that were not theirs and spreading lies and rumors about Phimpha and our children and the ministry. Pray for them. Need I say more.
      At Timothy House we currently have one adult in a wheelchair  one 43 year old woman with the mind of an 11 year old that loves to follow Phimpha and 17 children from 3-1/2 to 16. Our only help is a temporary friend who needs to go but stays from mercy. Phimpha is supervising the building of a bathroom and a kitchen so at times there are workers there for that also. On the outside ministry is the women’s area that she is head of and then also leader of the EFT womens groups of all of Thailand. Please pray for us to quickly learn what it is God is trying to teach us through the immense amount of work He has given her. She holds Bible study for the kids during the week and has worship service on Saturday morning, Saturday evening at another location, and Sunday morning back at Timothy again. There are no days, or even a few minutes off. Also many come to her for advice and help from the churches where she speaks. Her name has spread Because of the leadership positions and God even uses the persecution. Wherever she goes they recognize the unusual name, but she never knows from what source they have heard about her.
     Needs are: Two on staff workers for Timothy House, a pastor to do the services and teach the children at times, to lessen the load.  Finances for all ministry. Strength, and wisdom to keep moving forward. Also a full time English teacher for one of the area schools. A good start for a Christian who can commit to a school term and wants to experience life in the mission field.
Your Brother and Sister in Christ
Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House