News from Thailand and America

Hello Brothers and Sisters

Those pesky elephants have been at it again. It’s very dry over much of Thailand, so there is not enough food growing in the forest. A few nights ago an elephant came and tore out the window of the dorm. It’s an aluminum window and frame. He wanted to get at the big bag of sticky rice that was in the room. They put the window back in with stronger screws. Then the other night he came back and pushed harder. He pushed the whole window frame and all into the room with a loud crash. Phimpha came out of her room as the elephant was trying to lift the big bag of rice out of the window. He had a large part of his head in the big opening when Phimpha hit him in the side with the handle of a bamboo broom. It startled him, so he dropped the bag of rice, but lifted his head and put a large dent in the ceiling and window opening. Never a dull moment around Timothy House.
The other night Phimpha was asked to visit a village that had no water. All the rain collecting tanks were empty. They had many tanks sitting out near the road. A water truck from the government was supposed to come by and they could buy water from it. It had not come for three days. The last time it did come, the water they delivered smelled so bad that many did not use it. They were asking her what to do? She said the best thing she knew was to pray to God, because He, sends the rain. So after sharing the news of Christ to them she prayed with them before leaving. That night it rained so hard and long it filled all the holding ponds and the rain water tanks. There will be some turning to Christ in that village. God can use many things to help us spread the gospel. All we need to do is speak out. God will do the rest.
We are still looking for some staff at Timothy House. Please keep that in prayer. The older kids are helping with the younger ones. They do what they can. They have been on summer break and will be heading back to school soon. I am still in the States and probably will be for a couple more months. So I am not much help other than encouragement.
The persecution Phimpha suffers for Christ is always ongoing, so please continue to lift her in prayer.
The work for the womens ministry is ever growing. Many churches are requesting her to come and speak. As soon as we get some staff she will be going out more. If she goes out on Sunday now she brings the whole gang along.
The new bathroom is coming along. Most of the tile is done and I think they are waiting on toilets and sinks at this point.
School is starting this week for some of the children and next week for the rest. New uniforms, shoes and the rest are needed again. Every year it is the same. The uniforms are not high quality and usually can not be handed down. If we quit feeding the kids they would grow less. Thats probably not an option though.
Phimpha had decided to let the shelter house we were renting go. The owner had wanted us to sign papers to buy it but no funding. She told the owner we would move out. She also told God that if He wanted us to keep it, then have the owner call her back and offer to wait till we had funds. He called two weeks later and said the exact words she had asked God for. She will sign papers on it in a couple of days. It is now Gods problem to come up with the funding, or have the owner wait for a few weeks.
Last but not least. I am selling 20 acres of land near Almelund MN. It is the last thing I own in this world. It will be sold at an auction on the 21st of May at 6:30pm. I have no minimum price set, because I must be rid of it. (Hard to make taxes without income.) Anyone looking for a good deal might want to be there for the auction. With the bad market it will go real cheap. I paid 125 thousand for it and if I get 40 thousand I will be happy. Its a nice piece. 70% wooded and 30% open field. Hwy 95 road frontage. About a mile out of town. I am praying for a good price, we have a lot we want to do with the ministry. It is in Gods hands now. It will be good to be disconnected from the world.
When it sells I am hoping to have Phimpha come to the States for a couple of weeks the end of June. There are some things we need to do together here, before I return home. If God allows, it will happen. Biggest problem is someone to watch the children. Anyone wanting to travel halfway around the world to be Mom (for 14 kids) for a couple of weeks let us know. You could stay on for a few months and teach English. The schools are begging for teachers from America.
I have not mentioned this for a while. If there are any of you who get to many emails and want to be taken off my update list, just let me know. If I don’t hear from you, then your stuck with my updates as they are.
Do not be discouraged by the people and the world around you. Keep moving forward doing the work God has called you to do. Answer to Him alone and He will be there for you in good and hard times. The world will pass away but HIS WORDS will NEVER pass away. His plan will go forward.Trust in God alone.

In Christ
Rodney & Phimpha and The Gang