Short update and Prayers Needed

Hi All

     Looks like our family continues to grow. I am not sure what God has in mind but seems to me we could use some help along with the new children He has been sending us lately. Please keep that in Prayer for us. I spoke with Phimpha this morning and she had gone to speak at a church a few hours before. When she got there she was also supposed to talk with a mother that had three children. Well the mother really did not want to talk as much as she wanted to leave her two sons from a previous marriage with Phimpha. Her new husband did not want to be raising some one’s else’s children with his. So the mother had told the kids to pack a bag and she was leaving them with Phimpha. I can not imagine how a child thinks after living with Mom or others for 13 years then being told to pack your bag because I am going to leave you with a stranger today, You will not be coming home with me. They had never met Phimpha before. When Phimpha seen them sitting there with there bags, naturally her heart breaks, knowing all to well the pain and fear they are feeling. So she did not hesitate to take them home. They are two brothers 12 and 13, both from Cambodia. They have never been to school. Phimpha said they are very small in statue. Most likely from lack of food growing up. Their mother remarried to a Thai man. They now have a child between them and He said they must go. Hard to understand for us, but that is the way it is. That is one of the many reasons we continue to work like we do. Only God can change the hearts. Please keep them in Prayer as they try to adjust to a new life. Actually they are the lucky ones. Mom did not sell them and now they will grow up loved and with a good solid footing. God will heal them.
In Christ