Timothy House Update

Hey Everyone!
     Been a long time since I wrote. The time in the states was good for me. I had time to get to know the grand kids again. When they are young they remember who I am but can not remember the relationship. I am the one in Thailand. Where ever that is. Hard for children to comprehend the other side of the world.
      Phimpha arrived in America and we enjoyed the last couple of weeks there together. It was a lot of traveling and meeting old friends we had never seen so it was a real good time. She got a lot of sleep while I drove from Minnesota to Tennessee, to New Hampshire and back to Minnesota. Now we are back in Thailand since the 4th of July and back to Gods work here. It was a big homecoming for me being gone 5 months. The kids were pretty happy to see us both. The twins did not leave my side for many days.
     The work load here is still heavy, as usual, and with the upcoming annual Women’s conference, it is going to be real heavy till mid August. Please pray for the conference. It will be a good time of renewal and unification of many denominations of Churches. The Holy Spirit will do His work and we know many lives will be changed and renewed. There are a lot of new Christian’s from the conference last year and there will be many more this year as it has grown larger. God is even using the persecution of Phimpha’s name to draw them to come. Some say they want to come just to see and hear this person, who is the topic of so many rumors. God always turns the bad to good. Satan thinks he wins but he does not. God uses all things for His good. That we have seen that over and over again. Never underestimate the power of our God. He is constantly fighting our battles for us. We do nothing. He alone separates the enemy and brings them to their knees. Then he restores them to salvation if they repent. We see it over and over. The words come to mind. ” If God is for us, who can stand against us?” No one can. God is all Power!  It amazes me at how people who call themselves Christian, can go out and try to destroy and separate other Christian’s. How can they justify going against God and think they will win. Never tick off the God of the universe. You think you got troubles now, just mess with His children.
     I am so Blessed to be where I am today. I see God moving in individual lives everyday and witness so much power from above. He is really turning up the heat here and I dare to say, a revival has started and He will bring many to Him over the next year. I do not know how but I know in my heart it will be. Not by anything we do, but by following and allowing Him to use us everyday. Live every day for God people! Every day! Can any work be more important than Gods work. He has what He wants you to do already laid out in front of you. Get up off the couch and do. Do not ask how just go. There are Gods Children all around you that need saving. It is our job to reach them or their blood will be on our hands. Sorry! going off.
      The rainy season is here for another couple of months so the elephants have been leaving us alone for the most part. I kind of miss them. There was one out our bedroom widow eating grass the night before last. He walked right by the kitchen and did not stop to shop. He was one of the more polite ones. Not fully grown. A good teenager.
     I could write a lot more but I am trying to keep theses updates a little shorter so most will read them.
     We are almost done with the much needed bathrooms. Then it will be back to working on the kitchen. The rains make it hard but not impossible.
We have paid for the shelter house property, Thank God, so now we have that also to get to work on more. It will be used for many different purposes. We knocked a wall out of it yesterday and cut some grass around it. The fruit trees did not get the attention they needed so it was a very small crop. We have a new man with us who we are hoping will work there and take over the outside work. He has been with us a short time but has already given His life to God and has a new life. One cannot come here to live and not become Christian. Not a requirement, it just happens.
Blessings to all!
Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House