Prayer request
       We have some things coming up that we would like prayer for.
     The first is for a case in court on Wednesday of this week. A young girl of 9 had been raped repeatedly by some men in her village because the care giver was not doing their job. To put it politely. The girl has been taken in by a family in Bangkok and her brother (Richard) lives here at Timothy House with us. On Wednesday the government will bring their case against the men. Richard was in the room hiding in fear, while his sister was being raped, so he is an eye witness and must testify. He of course is fearful of the whole thing so please keep his sister and him in prayer. I can not elaborate further right now on the case or my thoughts.
     We have an English camp on Thursday and Friday of this week for about 200 kids from six schools. It is being hosted by a school nearby. David has been volunteering his time to teach English to the students. He also teaches at another school nearby. It has been a great outreach for us to show the love of God. The kids in the school are a great witness to the parents and the community by what we are teaching. Buddhism support is declining at the schools and the communities are beginning to see that Christians are good people. Phimpha has had many opportunities to work with the parents on problems they have with their children. She instructs them through the bible and they are amazed that when they follow the instruction their children change for the better. Because English is the international language it is highly sought after and anyone who is willing to move to another country to teach is easily accepted. Especially in the poorest schools.
Thank You
Rodney and Phimpha