Hello from Thailand
     I have many updates floating around in my head. Time to get one out.
     We have been busy but not so swamped as before the conference. A few hours of much needed rest here and there. Keep praying for strength for us to do His work. It is never ending.
     Phimpha speaks ounce a month at another church about an hour from us. After service when we went to leave, a young man of 14 crawled into the back seat. I never know what is what so it did not surprise me. Then Phimpha said: “This is another son of ours.” Which means, he is going to be living with us for now till ……. Seems his father gets drunk and beats on him so the mother came with a small bag of his and asked Phimpha to let him live with us. We will take him in and see if anything can be done on the home front. Imagine going someplace with your mother then finding out you are not going home but being sent with strangers to live with them. We always do our best to comfort them quick with the Love of Christ. He is still adjusting to his new family. He seems to be very polite and respectful. He is not a Christian yet but will be soon. We are taking him to his new school this morning to see it and meet the director. Also we will ask the director to oversee our training of our twin boys. They will be 4 next month and we will begin to teach them at home in English and Thai. They can be tested at the school and get credit through them. Eventually we will apply to register here for our own school. We are thinking of an international school at this point, which just means the teaching will be in English.
     The school year is ending here in a few days and then after a short break the new year begins. We currently have kids in 5 different schools due to circumstances and the level of the children. We do a lot of travel in both directions from home to get everyone dropped off and picked up.
     We had a woman we know and her husband walk up the driveway the other day. They have had trouble many years and both beat on each other at times. We always had her side of the story but never his. Looks like they will be with us for a while. They have improved a lot in just a few days. He is not Christian and she is a poor Christian at best. If he stays around he will become one soon. Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts with forgiveness and understanding so the years of abuse can stop.
     We also have another older lady from the Church in Pattaya coming to live with us for a while or years. She is in her upper 60’s
Then a man in his 70’s coming from Pattaya too. We are getting a house ready for him as he does not walk well.
     Our son Amin, who’s mother died recently, has a younger brother that wants to come back to us also. He should be here soon.
     Our family continues to grow. If they come as planed we will have a family of 30. Nineteen children and 11 adults with our current guests included. A lot of mouths to feed.
     We went out the other day to meet with a Christian lady for the first time. She gave her testimony and we listened. Almost 20 years ago her mother died after an illness. She was the only Christian in the family. There are no undertakers here and the family has to deal with the body. Getting it cleaned up and dressed. Then they put it into a simple coffin and take it to the temple for the Buddhist ceremony and cremation. She died about 10 am in the morning and all day long the lady kept asking her family to allow her to pray for mom before they put her in the coffin. They finally relented. Mom had been dead for many hours and was cold and stiff by late afternoon. She began to pray. After about 15 minutes Mom sat up and said excitedly: “Where is that man?” Her surprised daughter said: “What man Mom.”  She said: “The one dressed in white that brought me back here. I want to bow down to that man.” The daughter said: “That man was Jesus Mom and He lives in my heart.” Mother said: “I want Him in my heart too, right now!” So then and there she accepted Christ. Mom lived another 15 years and 50 more people from that area that seen what happened accepted Christ that day. They started a church that is still going.
      Many of you reading this do not believe in Miracles but we see many and hear of many more. God is the same God as yesterday and always will be. God gives us opportunities to perform miracles through Him. It has nothing to do with us. He uses them to wake people up and to show His Glory. He does miracles everywhere, all the time through those who believe in Him. All we need is the small mustard seed of faith to pray for it. I have another story of two miracles that I will share later. I share what I hear and what I see. I share because when I hear of the testimonies of others and the miracles that have happened to them it really encourages me and my Faith. I never tire of them. Not everyone reading this will believe and that is why Jesus says: “Those that have ears will hear.” We have free will, given by God, to believe and accept Him or not. If you do not believe in miracles, at least believe that Jesus is the Christ. The Son of God. He wants all to have salvation. The free gift of eternal life. Accept it and live.
Blessings from our house to yours.
Rodney and Phimpha and the rest at Timothy House.



 So much to write about so little time to write.
     Sometimes we just do not understand. We think we know but really we do not. I think it is that way a lot when we think of God. We think we know Him or how He thinks but really we haven’t got a clue. He even tells us (Isaiah 55) His thought are so far beyond His thoughts that we can not even begin to comprehend what He thinks, but yet, many times we still think we know, and we try to put God into a little box and tell ourselves He must be like this. We have so much to learn yet never will. No one can comprehend God. We can not. It is impossible for us to do.
          Anyway we have had a lady living with us off and on for many months now. She is not quite right mentally. Very normal in many respects but sometimes she just speaks things that seem to make her seem not of this world. She goes off sideways at times. Just before the ladies conference she was speaking foolishness and with the work load that Phimpha had we just could not deal with her at the time so we took her to the hospital where they work with people like her. We assumed she was not taking her medication and that is why she was going off. She was obsessed that she had to protect Phimpha from one of our helpers. She accused the help of stealing from us. She told Phimpha not to eat the food that this person cooked for her because it was poisoned. She would not let our helper into our room and would block her way and follow her around. She did not  even want her walking by Phimpha’s clothes hanging on the line because she was afraid the helper would drop poison on them and make Phimpha sick. We just could not deal with her so we sent her out for help. She needed more attention then we could give her at that time. As she was leaving she told Phimpha she was praying God would reveal to her that all she was telling us was true. Then last week we come to find out it was all true. Seems while I was in the states our help decided to get rid of Phimpha thinking then she could take over her position and I would return from the states to help her continue the ministry. She wanted to be the “big person” like so many here in this country do. At first she asked her boyfriend to kill Phimpha outright but he said he could not do that. So she decided to poison Phimpha. So for a couple of weeks she prepared special meals for Phimpha, which Phimpha said was really great tasting. She ate and ate and said she even gained weight from eating so much of the good cooking. Little did she know it was laced with poison. It should have killed her many times over but Phimpha never even got sick. God protected her as His word says in the book of Mark:Mar 16:17  And miraculous signs will follow to those believing these things: in My name they will cast out demons; they will speak new tongues;
Mar 16:18  they will take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them. They will lay hands on the sick, and they will be well.
     Can you imagine what our helper was thinking. She should be dead by now with as much poison I have feed her. This stuff must be no good. I’l add more tomorrow. I guess she finally just gave up. And she was stealing from us in more ways than just money. All the time the one who knew we thought was a little crazy was right on track. She was trying to protect Phimpha. So today we are off to get her back from the hospital. She is still a hand full at times but we do what we can.
          Our helper has left for now after Phimpha finally revealed to her that she knew everything. Please pray for her to turn so God can heal her.
          Also pray for a new cook for us. Low pay if any. Many hours of work, with many hungry kids around. Preferably one who is content with where they are at.
          What is your calling? We are ALL called by God to do work for Him. To further the spread of His word. We all have a gift. Some may seem more important that others but they are all necessary. The feet are a low part of the body but with out them we are severely limited. All parts of the body of Christ are important. We must do our part or loose the blessing. Wake up! Get out of your comfort zone and follow the call. He IS calling you.
Blessing from our house to yours.
Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House.
This is Phimpha’s personal experience being protect by God. It is not about Phimpha being special it is just Grace from God to His servants. She is nothing without God.