More Miracles

   We are not our own. You have heard that many times. Our life belongs to God alone. If you want the blessings and the miracles then you must follow His will for your life ,not your own will. How do we follow Gods will for us is the question many ask.  So few follow when we hear His calling. “Certainly you do not want me to do that for you God? I can not do that, it must be for someone else. That is not me.” So we loose the blessings He wants to give us. If we make it into heaven and that is a big if, it is only because of His grace. Jesus says FEW will follow the narrow road. Most will walk the broad road and follow the crowd straight to hell.
Mat 7:13  Go in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in through it.
Mat 7:14  Because narrow is the gate and constricted is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. MKJV
     But that is not what I wanted to write to you about this morning. I am constantly being reminded about the miracles I hear of and need to share, with those who will listen.
          There is a pastor who comes out here to Timothy house to sermon once a month. Last time he was here he gave this testimony of his experience, that he had never spoken of before. He said he was afraid to speak of it because no one would believe him. He had not planned to speak of it, it just came out. I will explain why later. He said he was driving along on his motorcycle singing praises to God when all of a sudden he was in a situation. He was coming down the small mountain road. An oncoming truck was passing a slower truck so he moved to the edge of the road. Suddenly a white pickup truck pulled out from behind the passing truck and wanted to pass them both. So the entire road in front of him was taken. He said he felt the pickup truck wheel hit him in the chest and the wind of the truck as it passed over him. But it did not knock him down. He said it was as if I became air. He stopped his bike and got off. The driver of the white truck had gone of into the ditch but knew he had hit him. The driver was shocked to see him standing there beside his bike and came over to see how he was. Other than uncontrollable shaking from the experience, there was not a mark on him or his bike. He had indeed turned to air and passed through the truck.
          He said the day he was here he did not know why God had him tell of this miracle. It was then Phimpha told me of her experience a few wears back. She had never mentioned to anyone either. She too like him knew what had happened was from God but it was so unbelievable neither of them spoke of it. She seen him a couple of weeks later and told him her similar story. He was so glad she did, and now they both share it. God does not want His miracles to be a secret.
          She was driving our pick up truck. The one we had before the one we now have. She was pulling out of a side road that T’s onto a larger road that is notorious for head on collisions. There is a bus stop on that corner as well. She looked to her right which was clear and pulled out. When she looked up, there was a ten wheel truck directly in front of her and he had already locked his brakes. There was no way for him to stop in time. She said: “I was so aware of everything in that couple of seconds.” She seen the look of horror on the peoples faces waiting for the bus and heard them screaming, because right in front of them there was going to be a head on collision. She looked at the truck driver and he was looking at her. She said: “Thank God!”  Why? Because she knew for certain she would be killed and was going home. She said she felt the wind on her face as the truck went past her. (The windows were closed) The next thing she realized was she was through the truck. She pulled to the side of the road and looked in her rear view mirror. The people at the bus were looking back and forth. At the truck and at her and pointing and talking. She knew in an instant it was of God. Being a little shocked, to say the least, she pulled back on to the road and drove on. I can not imagine what the people waiting at the bus stop seen or what they thought or the truck driver. She herself could not believe what God has just done.
          We are not leaving this earth until God says it is our time. Do not ask me why God miraculously saves some and others die? Why do innocent children die and evil people live? I am not God and I do not have the answers. It does give me peace to know that God is in total control of all things around us.
Mat 10:29  “Two sparrows are sold for a penny, aren’t they? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father’s permission. ISV
           We will not leave this world unnoticed by God. Why do we question miracles? Do you believe that God made the universe? Then how can your thinking be limited to time and space? If science can not explain it they say it did not happen. They can not make a grain of sand. Who do you put your trust in? Your neighbor or Almighty God. Yes I have blind faith in the God of the universe and I pray you do too. For one day we will all stand before Him. How to say if He asks us? “Why  didn’t you believe in Me?” Look for the narrow road. FEW find it.
Rodney and Phimpha