Hello to All who take the time to read these updates.


I have been needing to write for a long time but seem to be having a hard time to do it. I am so far behind I will just write about a few things.

     The other morning I notice the power was out. Not unusual for here. Sometimes it is out a few minutes or many hours. After waiting half an hour I got up at 5 am to help the kids get going to school with no power. I set candles out and turned on the city water so they could shower before school. It was cold that morning. About 50 degrees. That is cold when you have no central heat to rely on and must take a cold shower. Phimpha was out traveling and working with the churches. She had taken our cook with, so the task fell on the kids to take care of themselves. Mai the oldest girl (17), Fuke (15) and Amin (16) had the breakfast detail on the cold dark morning. I went to the kitchen and got a small fire going for them in the little fire pot. I took them the flashlight I had and resorted to my cell phone for light. We usually cook rice in a large electric cooker, but without power they had to cook the rice over the gas burner. That left them no place to cook the meal, so they used the wood fire-pot. One held the light while the other two cooked eggs so everything would be ready on time. By 6 am they had breakfast ready for the others and headed back to their rooms to get showered and ready to go to school. They never complain. No matter what happens they just take it in stride. They are amazingly self-sufficient. At night we usually have worship as a family with Phimpha leading. With her gone the night before, we sat around the fire in the cool evening and sang songs. They take prayer requests from everyone and pray for each other and for unity as a family. They take turns on who leads family worship at night. Can you imagine your kids getting up on a cold dark morning to cook breakfast for the family before getting themselves ready for school with no electricity?  I am proud of them.  Not to mention they have to keep watch in the dark for the elephants that are everywhere now, because of the very dry conditions. I have been charged by an elephant twice in the last couple of weeks while in our open-air kitchen.

We had a Christmas party for the village near us, with about 300 turning out. Then we had a small party at our house. Just for our family, but also invited a few kids from the nearby schools.  About 50 showed up for fun and games, ice cream and food. Then we had about the same number of kids for a New Year’s party.

The one picture of the 4 boys sitting down just happen to be the newest 4 to the family. They are doing good now.

     The elephant picture is not great but hard to get close enough for the flash to work. That night the youth group came to visit us. About 17 of them just out side my window. They visited us ounce about 3 years ago.  Must be hard for the matriarchs to find food for so many. The group was very polite and left on their own. Unlike the one last night that charged at me and did not want to leave the kitchen area. We see them a lot, but all the kids come out to watch when they are in the yard. Amazingly large animals, especially coming at you up close and personal.  

     The one picture of Mai (17) and Green (4). He is the character. Almost always smiling. And the one with the sandals? We take our shoes off at the door. Sometimes hard to find your own back. This was during one of the parties. 

     Not to mention the lives being saved, the endless hours Phimpha is working these days and living on the Grace and Mercy of God. I am still amazed after all theses years how he continues to take care of us. Living on Faith is an exciting way to live and we are blessed to be living it. Phimpha was complaining to Him a little the other day and asked why He almost never gives extra but always just enough to keep going for that day or that hour. He said if you have to much you will not need Me. He is a very personal God. 

In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House

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