Help if you have the burden.

  I am not sure how to explain the way we live. We live by faith for our needs. When we are in need as now we pray. This morning Phimpha left home at 6 am to drive to another town to help help the boy Gea finish getting his ID card and enroll him in a school for kids with special needs. She left not having enough fuel in the tank to get there and no money for anything. I think she had 50 baht ($1.50) in her pocket when she left. When we are in need we pray about it and sometimes we feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to ask an individual for help. Some times we feel impressed to ask by update as now and most times we are impressed to remain quiet and pray. As she was driving this morning she was praying for help and the Holy Spirit told her to ask through an update so she called me to send something out. She said she will need to get 3 uniforms for Gea for school and the school will want some enrollment money she believes also. And some money for fuel to get home would be good also. So I am sending this out quick and will write another update later with other news. God has told us before He wants others to be involved in His ministry so that is why He does not give us unlimited funds. Also He says we would not keep as close in touch with Him if we had all we need.
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha