Prayer request and News

Hello to All

Trying to catch up a little. I have been away a few days and currently
I am away again trying to learn how to make some Thai donuts that are
not round. If I can master it I will make some for the kids when I get
home. I was on an island last week visiting a sick friend. Phimpha
came to pick me up with the twins, Luke and Andrea. We spent a day
exploring the island. It was a good break for us. We enjoyed the
better part of a day relaxing and a ferry ride to boot.

Phimpha is currently in a training session for our kids and a few
adults. They will be learning about God and how to connect to Him
personally and how to be a good servant. Then at the end of the
teaching at Timothy House, we move to the park reserve and begin a 3
day youth camp with kids from the area churches.

Please pray for all those teaching and being taught. Pray their hearts
will be touched by the Holy Spirit and that the teachings are a solid
footing. Our kids are getting older and in a few years some will be
heading out to the world. I know they have a good foundation. Satan
will do all he can to try to side track them to this world. Never
cease to remember us in your prayers. They keep us from harm and
protect us from the evil one who is intent on wearing us down and
leading us astray. He is a looser and will not win. His biggest weapon
is deception and he is good at it. Never underestimate him but
remember, he is a created being like us. He is not God so he is
limited in what he can do. We do not fear him but we must be wise to
his ways.

The kitchen keeps is coming along when we can financially. It is now
very hot here, especially when working in the sun. It has been in the
100’s most every day. We did get a little rain but so far not enough
to deter the elephants from visiting us to eat what they can. There is
a large one that likes to intimidate us by charging when we get too
close. With a large animal running at you it does get the adrenalin
going. Exciting! I am not worried if I am with Phimpha. She has short
legs. I can outrun her.

We have a few kids that need things. Two needing to go to the eye
doctor for glasses. Joe has been wearing my old reading glasses and he
says it helps him. He wears them all the time, not just reading. Big
too is complaining of not being able to see. Amy had her jaw broken by
her mother a few years ago and they wired it but the wire is still in
her jaw bone and has been hurting. I assume because she is growing so
that will need to come out. So keep the kids in prayer for good

Try to live the life that God has planned for you. None of us are
saints and we all sin but just because many are doing it and many in
the world condone it, does not make it OK. If God said “Do not do.”
then do not think for a minute it is OK. His word does not change. If
He called it sin in His word then it is still sin. I really have to
write some things I do not want to write, but I think I will do that a
little later and send this out as it is.

In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy