Some News from Thailand

   As we continue on our daily walk with God we should be growing closer to Him. We must understand what it is He wants for our lives. We must head down that path when He calls us. It will not be a loud shout, or come viva an email, it will come as a burden in our hearts that does not go away easily. It will come to us over and over at many different times. If we continue to ignore the burden in our hearts then eventually He will stop calling us to do the work and will call another. He chooses us for different things. He wants to Bless us when we follow Him. So many of us want the blessing first then we will move but that is not Faith. In order to follow God we must move forward like the Israelites did when they were to cross the flooding Jordan river and take the promised land. Can you imagine what the lead Levi thought as he was told to head into the flooding river carrying the Ark of the Covenant. What! You want me to walk forward and drown? When his foot hit the water, it was then that the waters parted and piled up. We must have the faith and move forward, even when it seems impossible to do so. Only then will God do His part and make it happen.

     We see it everyday here. I think God likes to keep us on the edge. Never a dull moment. Always so much to do. One would think taking care of the kids is enough, but God has called us to so much more than that. Speaking of kids, we have had some extra kids around over the school break. The one little one that was so precious to me, had to leave a couple of days ago. Grandma was coming to pick her up. She had been with us just a couple of months. When she came she was so quiet and shy and stuck to her older sister (13) like glue. She had been living with just her sister most of the time in their parents house, alone, but with supervision from a pastor nearby. It took her a week to get somewhat used to me. By the time she left she was cuddling on my lap and wanting many hugs and lots of attention. It is so sad to see children who do not understand what the love of a parent is. Then once they experience it and have to go back to their life without it, it breaks their heart and mine. Phimpha called me and said grandma is on the way to pick her up. I handed the phone to the little one (Thoy) so Phimpha could tell her to get ready. The tears started to flow as she listened. When she got off the phone she said nothing. Just wipe the tears and start packing her little bag. Kids must be strong here. They grow up quick. The older sister left 3 weeks ago to take care of mom because she was coming home for a few days. Imagine that, the 13 year old worrying about taking care of mom.

     Many kids come and go here. Some stay for a few days some weeks, some even years. We teach them the ways of Christ by unconditional love. It takes them a while to know we are real in our love for them. Then once it sets in they do not want to leave. For many it may be the first time they have ever felt the love from an adult without fear. So many are abused. But we must keep loving them no matter what. We can not withhold our love. Even though we know the pain they will feel when they must leave.

     We had another little child here till yesterday. A boy 6 or so who was afraid to go home with mom, because dad gets drunk and hits him. His father is going to church now and getting better, but it takes a while for the kids to see the change. He was an angry little boy when he came and rightly so. He would hit anyone when not getting his way. I wonder where he got that from? Children like to pick up on all our teachings. Good or bad.

     Well this is not what I wanted to write about when I started to write but guess I will send it out anyway.

     We are alive and well here at Timothy House. Still, always keep us in prayer. I Thank those that help us survive in this world through there giving. I do not know who all of you are but God does and He is what matters.

From our Hearts

Rodney and Phimpha and The Gang at Timothy House