God is God

  Hello to all.

     I am still alive and well. I have been working here in Thailand with God and a Chinese lady for seven years now. It was not in my life plans to live here, but I know without a shadow of a doubt this is where I am supposed to be now  A lot of what I will write today is my opinion. I am not an expert or teacher or trained pastor so take it or leave it. I do not believe that life for us is totally set up and can not be changed. I believe that the free will, that God gave us, directs our path. If we want to go against His will, we are free to do that. God has a plan for all of us and He wants what is Best for us, but we can chose to follow Him or not. His plan for us is to work with Him, to bring more people into His kingdom, to save them from Hell. God wants us all to live with Him for eternity. He has more love for us than we do for ourselves. He wants to give us the best gift in the world for free, but many turn it down. Why? Because we have free will and God allows us to chose wrong. He is God. There is no other God. He answers to no one. He can do anything He wants to do. Change any plan. He has total control, yet, He allows us to chose Hell if we insist on going that way. Free will is a great gift or if used wrong, it is to our end. Gods plan will go forward with or with out us.
     I am here because of the choices I made. God hates sin. Always has, always will. I have sinned a lot in my life, because of my free will. But He is also a God of great mercy, so I am still here, alive today, because I repented and He forgives. He can not forgive unless we repent. His mercy is great but we must ask for it. God does not send anyone to Hell. We chose to go there. OK enough preaching for now. I will be around for a few more years so I will preach more later.
     I do not know what you are hearing on the news there about the military taking over this country but most everyone here is glad they did. The government that was in power was not a democratic government.  It was a dictatorship being controlled by an x prime minister who has been a fugitive for many years. He has lots of money and has been using it to buy people along with weapons. He has been training up his own army to start a civil war here. Hoping to split the country. Then he was planing to come back and rule the north half of the country. The army has stepped in at the last minute to avert the plan. They are now in the process of tearing apart the group of people who were soon to carry out his plan and start a civil war. They are finding weapons all over the country.  The general that is now in control has unlimited power to run the country. Just hope it does not go to his head. So far he has been doing a great job and is working to undo the corrupt system that has been in power many years. There can not be a true election for a new prime minister until they fix the election system. So please keep all of Thailand in Prayer. The reaction by the American government has turned the Thai’s against us.
     It is late so I will send this now before turning in for the night. Been working out in the hot sun today so I am beat. Guess I am not as young as I used to be.
Blessings to all
Rodney and Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House