From Mom’s Heart

Brother and Sister in Christ


Thank God for we made it through the week.  We still have another week to make it through the month. We need friends to stand along beside us. We also have kids that need papers and documents for them to continue with life. They are getting older and we need the paperwork to get them registered with the government and the Armed forces and get their ID cards. They are sad they have not gotten their ID cards like all their friends at school. We want to help their hearts. So today I will go out to find the documents for Fuke because he needs to report to the military because he is now 17. His father has disappeared so I need to search where he last lived to try to find documents.  We have two more boys with document problems but I start with Fuke first, because he lived closer. The kids need to know where they are from. It is so important for them. Every time we go out we need fuel in the vehicle. Also food for travel.  Pray for me today that everywhere I go the government officer will look to me with favor.

Our youngest child is MO. He is 16 months old and still in diapers. Many ask me why I not use cloth diapers. The reason is I am not home all the time. He is home with the workers here and they cannot stand the smell because he is not their child. Real parents can handle their own kids stink but I do not want to ask too much from them.

I carry a lot of load but I never think the work of God is too heavy to go on. I speak out to show the limits of human beings. Without the mercy and encouragement from God nobody can run a ministry. Or start a ministry. I want to point to the humbleness of God. When He wanted to create His kingdom on earth He chooses humans to work with Him. So when God choose us to have a part of His work do not step on and ignore the calling. He chooses many to have a part in His ministry and His kingdom like he choose that man to help King Solemn to build the temple. 2 Chronicles: 2 verse 13. Or like He choose Moses to help His people.  He can do by Himself. And He choose Joshua to help Moses. When we read the bible we see He chooses humans on the earth to help each other proclaim His kingdom. So He will choose all of you and use you for the part He chose you for. We all have our special gifts. What gift God gave to us we need to use it as much as possible. We live with God to proclaim His kingdom on the earth.  Nobody works more than another if God not give the big part to you, but if God gave you the big part do not step on it. God sent His only son to die for us and bring us back to a relationship with Him. You maybe fight with many bad situations around you. The people who do business have problems in the business world. Where God put us to, satan will always cause a problem. In the work I work because I work with the problem people and the kids satan will always to use other to spread bad rumors about me. That I am not good with the kids I use them to make income for myself. Or when I work with the problem people I do it just for glory. Or work with the church they say I and not clean enough and not good enough. Many Christians’ even say they have problems because of me. When I help them and then I stop to help and they will speak bad about me after that. But God will always fix the problem and He will ALWAYS stand to be you witness.  Even when I know this I still cry a lot when I come before God in my personal prayer life. It is good when you cry because God will wipe your tears. It is good when we are poor and suffer because we will see the miracles of the provider.  Like I say, no matter what, we live our life to proclaim God’s Kingdom. To say to proclaim Gods Kingdom means to live or die for another.  I told the kids I have nothing to give to them. No inheritance on the world. But I have full love and I lay my life and my future for them. I live with them. We are one. But one thing I really, really proud to give to them is Jesus Christ and Faith. And always teach them to do what I do. I do not feel higher than another I feel real tiny when I lift my eyes and look to brother and sisters.  I serve you all by doing what God has called me to do. To show Love, I never feel I do enough. I want to love God more than right now. I want to love Brother and Sister more than right now. Thank You for the Prayers and what you do for us. Keep doing till Jesus comes. It is great when we have God in our life or when we have God with us in all life.


From Mom’s Heart


Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We are in the middle of the second week and we used the last of our monies this morning. This month I know I have no work interpreting for the courts so nothing to count on from there. As always we are in Gods hands. We still need the body of Christ to work with us in His ministry here. I ask God again: “Why not give me money in the bank so I do not have to deal with this all the time?” He said: “If you keep something in the pocket, you will not trust in me but in what you have. That is not walking on faith.” It is very hard for us to write about this again but we have the burden to and if we speak maybe other people or other ministries will read it. It might encourage them in their troubles. In the mercy ministries, like Timothy House, we have high expenses every month, but our monthly set income is not even a third of the monthly needs.
This is why many ministries send out so many pity stories or exciting things they are doing. To entice the people to give. In the real world that we work in we have many stories, but God does not want His children to grow up in that way. He does not want a quick story to grab your heart for a short time. He wants it to be our true heart.
In Christ Phimpha
She stopped with the above paragraph and told me to finish it. I hate when she does that. So I’ll try to explain. It is hard to tell of our work here with out telling stories. I try to just be real and truthful not for pity.
We never know what our income is going to be each month till it comes. There are a few people (less than a handful) that give us some every month. We are grateful to them. We use or need about $3,000.00 a month. We rarely get that. We lend from others to make it through then have to pay back, which shorts us next month. You all know what I mean. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Lately the friends we borrow from have been asking us for help. We as Christians are all one family. We give and take among ourselves to keep the work moving forward. It is all Gods money anyway. On the average we feed about 25 people a day here at Timothy house. The outside ministry has the most need. Phimpha is constantly being asked for help from many she meets and many that call. She has to weed out those in real need from those with just a story looking for money.
I used to think if I just did my part in tithing I would be OK. Then I read
Luk 17:9 He doesn’t praise the servant for doing what was commanded, does he?
Luk 17:10 That’s the way it is with you. When you have done everything you were ordered to do, say, ‘We are worthless servants. We have done only what we ought to have done.'”
Jesus did not use soft. He wants our whole hearts for His purpose. When are we going to realize satan wants us to trust in the world and it’s ways. It is his system. It is temporary and short. God gives us eternity with more than we can ever imagine. Why do we listen to the deceiver?

I see many amazing things living here on the edge of the forest that really remind me to see God and his creation. From elephants to butterflies to mushrooms. How can anyone look at the world and it’s uncountable wonders and think this is all just chance. “Mother nature did it all.” they say. I want to let you in on a little secret. There is no person as mother nature. It is just a cute name. It is rocks and trees, weeds, flowers insects, animals. There is no living breathing being with a brain. If you want it to be personal, it is God nature. He created it and keeps it going.
The butterfly I though was amazing. The picture does not do it justice. Then this morning the kids pointed out the mushrooms. So delicate and perfect. Why the large netting and the bright color? God is God, there is no one else. We must never forget that.

All Our Love
Timothy House

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1. A friend of mine has a ministry Called “Jesus for Asia” and is a nonprofit, so all deductions sent to him are tax deductible. He collects for us and sends us a check when he gets funds.
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