Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We are in the middle of the second week and we used the last of our monies this morning. This month I know I have no work interpreting for the courts so nothing to count on from there. As always we are in Gods hands. We still need the body of Christ to work with us in His ministry here. I ask God again: “Why not give me money in the bank so I do not have to deal with this all the time?” He said: “If you keep something in the pocket, you will not trust in me but in what you have. That is not walking on faith.” It is very hard for us to write about this again but we have the burden to and if we speak maybe other people or other ministries will read it. It might encourage them in their troubles. In the mercy ministries, like Timothy House, we have high expenses every month, but our monthly set income is not even a third of the monthly needs.
This is why many ministries send out so many pity stories or exciting things they are doing. To entice the people to give. In the real world that we work in we have many stories, but God does not want His children to grow up in that way. He does not want a quick story to grab your heart for a short time. He wants it to be our true heart.
In Christ Phimpha
She stopped with the above paragraph and told me to finish it. I hate when she does that. So I’ll try to explain. It is hard to tell of our work here with out telling stories. I try to just be real and truthful not for pity.
We never know what our income is going to be each month till it comes. There are a few people (less than a handful) that give us some every month. We are grateful to them. We use or need about $3,000.00 a month. We rarely get that. We lend from others to make it through then have to pay back, which shorts us next month. You all know what I mean. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Lately the friends we borrow from have been asking us for help. We as Christians are all one family. We give and take among ourselves to keep the work moving forward. It is all Gods money anyway. On the average we feed about 25 people a day here at Timothy house. The outside ministry has the most need. Phimpha is constantly being asked for help from many she meets and many that call. She has to weed out those in real need from those with just a story looking for money.
I used to think if I just did my part in tithing I would be OK. Then I read
Luk 17:9 He doesn’t praise the servant for doing what was commanded, does he?
Luk 17:10 That’s the way it is with you. When you have done everything you were ordered to do, say, ‘We are worthless servants. We have done only what we ought to have done.'”
Jesus did not use soft. He wants our whole hearts for His purpose. When are we going to realize satan wants us to trust in the world and it’s ways. It is his system. It is temporary and short. God gives us eternity with more than we can ever imagine. Why do we listen to the deceiver?

I see many amazing things living here on the edge of the forest that really remind me to see God and his creation. From elephants to butterflies to mushrooms. How can anyone look at the world and it’s uncountable wonders and think this is all just chance. “Mother nature did it all.” they say. I want to let you in on a little secret. There is no person as mother nature. It is just a cute name. It is rocks and trees, weeds, flowers insects, animals. There is no living breathing being with a brain. If you want it to be personal, it is God nature. He created it and keeps it going.
The butterfly I though was amazing. The picture does not do it justice. Then this morning the kids pointed out the mushrooms. So delicate and perfect. Why the large netting and the bright color? God is God, there is no one else. We must never forget that.

All Our Love
Timothy House

Love and Care Project Foundation
If you would like to help God’s Ministry here in Thailand. Choose one of the methods below.
ONLY “Maranatha” OR “Jesus for Asia” are nonprofit status for Tax deductions.

1. A friend of mine has a ministry Called “Jesus for Asia” and is a nonprofit, so all deductions sent to him are tax deductible. He collects for us and sends us a check when he gets funds.
His website is Just go to the Thailand page and look for us Under ” Love and Care Project Foundation”
He does not take any fees out of the donation. He has a great Ministry and works to support many other ministries around Asia.

2. Send a check to my church. You must put ” Rodney Thailand” or “Love and Care Project Foundation, Thailand”
in the memo area of the check so they will forward it to us. Or
deposit a check in the offering on Sunday’s and they will send it to

Make the check out to Maranatha.

Maranatha Assembly of God
24799 Forest Boulevard North
Forest Lake, MN 55025-7215
Memo Rodney Thailand

3. Through pay-pal if you are familiar with them and have an account with them. Mark it as a “Gift” Please so they do not take fees out of it.
Use either email address:

Rodney: rodski@gmail.comDSC02453 DSC02656 DSCN1342 DSC02664