Rice Fields

Hello from the land of Rice.

     Rice, rice, and rice. That is the main course for 90% of a meal 3 times a day. If a true Asian person eats a meal without rice, then they do not consider it a meal. Took me a long time to get used to rice for breakfast. Breakfast was my favorite meal before coming here. Now they all rank about the same because they pretty much are the same. Lately though I have been craving pancakes just before bed, so I have been eating a lot of them. Rice three times a day for 25 or so people is why we are buying the rice field. If we get a good harvest we will get enough for a year for our family. Or there about. Depending on the need of others. Nothing is really ours. It is all God’s provisions and we share by faith with anyone in need.

     I grew up on a dairy farm in MN so I have some knowledge of farming but certainly not the Thai way. Also I know nothing about growing rice. The tractor in the picture is a common one here for rice fields. There is no front tire and is runs with a one cylinder diesel engine. Very practical for here. We were out in the rice field yesterday and our worker (Eet, Long e sound) was teaching me about growing rice. The rice is up and about 12 inches High. I was throwing some fertilizer to it by hand and he was spraying for bugs. Seems we have two different bugs right now enjoying our rice plants and also some land crabs that snip off the rice plant. Just like farming anywhere, there are bugs that are out looking to eat. I was wondering, as I was spreading the fertilizer and praying over the crop, if we are going to get to plant things in Heaven. No bugs, everything grows perfect and so tasty. Hum! Sounds like a good place. We have to do something with all that free time. Eternity is a long, long time. Unlike a few years here. Guess we will not even need to keep track of time anymore.

       Anyway we have 14 rai or a little over 5 1/2 acres. It’s about an hour away from Timothy House.  That is the two field pictures below. Beyond the rice fields are eucalyptus trees that we will also harvest in a few years. We use them for many things while building structures and also they can be sold for pulp to make paper. I need to learn about growing them as well. The tractor picture is the small field here at Timothy House and we will also plant it with eucalyptus trees and Lemon Grass that can be sold in the open markets. Lemon grass does not fetch a good price but it is one of the few things we can grow that the elephants do not like to eat. 

     Is it my imagination or are the sky’s changing? Ring around the sun. And it seems the cloud formations and sunsets are getting much more majestic. Or is my appreciation of them growing? Either way I get a lot of pleasure in the world around us. Like the last picture of the green moth with red on the inner wings. God has made some amazing insects. I think most are in our back yard. If our sinful world is this good what is heaven or the new earth going to be like?  And we are on one small planet! There are billions of planets out there to see!   

Blessings to All

Timothy House

Another Prayer Request

Prayer Warriors

     Phimpha has just crossed into Cambodia and is heading to a meeting there. She expected 50 people but over 200 are already waiting for her. She had a lot of trouble getting through the border with the people traveling with her but finally they made it and are on their way to the meeting. She is going to speak to the people waiting for her about setting up ladies groups at the churches in Cambodia. Others requested she help them set it up. She is asking for prayers to keep satan at bay as we know he is not happy whenever God’s kingdom has a chance to grow. He will not win and God will prevail, but he will do what he can to discourage and cause trouble. So Please join us in Prayer for Cambodia for the next couple of days.
     Thank You for all the prayers from the last request she sent out. By the end of the day the situation had not changed much but she was back to her old self and doing good. That situation is being worked on and we know God will prevail. He always wins.
      And as long as you have His attention say a short prayer for us a Timothy House. We are in a tight spot but we will keep forward.
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha
Your servant friends in Thailand

Prayer request from Phimpha

Dear Prayer Warriors

     We are under another hard attack from satan. We have been walking the way that Jesus teaches us with our enemies. Satan has taken the opportunity to jump into the middle between us and a non christian we are working with. satan has told him through another we are terrible people and we will not fulfill our debt to him and he of course believes the lies. And that person called to the churches and told that I own big money and not pay back.  Please pray for me. In hard times and suffer like this I will not angry or have bitter heart with my brother and sister in Christ. My filling right now is painful. My heart is broken. We are trying to teach The Good News of Christ. We are fighting to be one. We stand to bring the church together. I do not want to see the believer doubt in the Christian way because of my always bad rumors.The Thai go by relationship and the person who teaches about what they believe is like a monk in their mind.    Please Pray that the church will bare more fruit in the good harvesting times as well as during persecution. Satan will never win, he is a looser. I know that but the power of prayer for brothers and sisters means we are one. It makes us a part of each others burdens and joy. I want to show to satan we are one no matter what happens. God sent this bible to me. Hebrews 6: 9-12 while I am writing this.
Your Sister in Christ

The Rice Field


Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I want to share about the rice field that God told us to buy. As God as my witness, I do not want anything on the earth. When we ask for help a lot from our friends it feels to us like we are begging for help. This ministry is not ours It is God’s. He has told us He wants others to be a part of it because it means rewards for them. He wants all to be part of His kingdom. We spend about 100,000 Baht (approx. 3,500.00 USD) a year, just for rice. I ask God to help us plant rice. Then two different people that knew nothing of my prayers called and offered me rice seed. I had seed but no land to plant it on. Then another friend of mine called to tell me she could not plant her rice field this year and did we want to use it one season for Timothy House. I said: “Yes.” God had made it happen quick. Then after we had the field planted the daughter of the owner asked if we wanted to buy the field. They were going to sell and if we did not want it they would sell to the neighbor who wanted it. I prayed about it and God said to buy it. But we had no money. After a couple of weeks of prayer and fasting I had the burden to call the man who we had bought the orchard from last year. I told him why I wanted the field and ask him if he would be willing to lend me the money to buy it. He said: ‘I will think about it. Call me back in three hours.” I called him back and he said he would do it. Right then and there he sent the full amount to the owner. This man who helped us is not a Christian. He does not know us very well at all and he just sent 700,000 baht (about,$ 23,000.00) to the owner who he does not know. Without any paperwork or any signature. He said: “I will do it on trust, but please pay me back as soon as you can because I was going to give that money to my son to help him with his new business.”

We now have a rice field and part of the land is planted with eucalyptus trees that will be ready to harvest in a few years. It will grow enough rice to feed the 25-30 people that we feed here at Timothy House every day for a year. When the trees are harvested that will also bring in extra income down the road. We are trying to come up with ways to be more self-sufficient yet not slow down on the saving of souls for Christ. We do nothing with out God’s approval first. We want to provide the needs for us and those who work with us. God leads us from step to step so when he burdens me with this I must do. If God is leading you to help us……..



In Christ

Phimpha and the Gang at Timothy House