Prayer request from Phimpha

Dear Prayer Warriors

     We are under another hard attack from satan. We have been walking the way that Jesus teaches us with our enemies. Satan has taken the opportunity to jump into the middle between us and a non christian we are working with. satan has told him through another we are terrible people and we will not fulfill our debt to him and he of course believes the lies. And that person called to the churches and told that I own big money and not pay back.  Please pray for me. In hard times and suffer like this I will not angry or have bitter heart with my brother and sister in Christ. My filling right now is painful. My heart is broken. We are trying to teach The Good News of Christ. We are fighting to be one. We stand to bring the church together. I do not want to see the believer doubt in the Christian way because of my always bad rumors.The Thai go by relationship and the person who teaches about what they believe is like a monk in their mind.    Please Pray that the church will bare more fruit in the good harvesting times as well as during persecution. Satan will never win, he is a looser. I know that but the power of prayer for brothers and sisters means we are one. It makes us a part of each others burdens and joy. I want to show to satan we are one no matter what happens. God sent this bible to me. Hebrews 6: 9-12 while I am writing this.
Your Sister in Christ